Medical ultrasound

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  • Sound And Music In Medicine

    Sound is just a pressure wave moving through a medium, a vibration. The first use of sound waves in medicine started with the SONAR technology that was utilized in the second world war to monitors surrounding sea of threats such as enemy submarines. This technology gave us eyes into places that we normally couldn’t see. In the medical field, this includes the very relevant ultrasound, using ultrasonic sound waves to create a digital image of the inside of the human body. This is the safest way to image the inside of the human body; however, its applications and resolution limit its uses. The soundwave has new potential in curing cancer, healing wounds, and even levitation as well. All of which has huge potential for the future of medicine. The use of soundwaves in medicine is important, but music especially has also been a large aspect of health, especially mental health. The studies presented here show that music definitely has an effect of reducing stress and even pain. How it does this can simply be described as “distracting your brain” from pain and stress signals. The last topic discussed…

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  • Essay On Ultrasound

    Ultrasound and meat quality The quality of meat is based on aroma, taste, appearance, texture and juiciness. Texture is the most important factor in determining the quality of meat as per consumer behavior. There are several factors that affect texture such as the tenderness of the meat, juiciness and the degree of maturation. Tenderness The quality of meat as a result of using Traditional tenderising methods is poor. This includes mechanical, enzymatic and chemical…

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  • Ultrasound Vs Digital Images

    whereas ultrasound, a type of diagnostic image, is made from sound. Although digital images have an important purpose, ultrasound images are the more important revolution. For instance, ultrasound images…

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  • Looking Into A Soundwalk In Queen Elizabeth Park Analysis

    Sound is an essential element that encircle our world, information can be gained through listening, which listening is a more advanced sense in that are fundamental to human. According to Helen Keller, hearing is the soul of knowledge and information of a high order. The disable of listening as if detached from the world, sound is also a factor built this nature, as Max Neuhaus mentioned sound has given context to a place. Sound is that important but in the same time too fundamental, the…

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  • Benefits Of Therapeutic Ultrasound

    Ultrasound is used in many ways in healthcare. It can be used to diagnose diseases such as deep vein thrombosis, gallstones, and of course, determining the gender of babies in the womb. While diagnostic sonography is very important, there is another use for ultrasound that is often overlooked. Therapeutic ultrasound is used in physical therapy and it is one of the most important tools for a physical therapist. In this paper I will discuss how therapeutic differs from diagnostic ultrasound, how…

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  • Arduino Sketch Essay

    8. Overview of the Arduino Sketch 8.1 General Codes MediaTek labs states that an Arduino sketch “is a source code file representing the core controlling logic for the LinkIt ONE development board. It consists of two main structures: setup and loop” (MediaTek Labs, n.d.). In this section I will discuss what the above code do. First, LinkIt ONE initializes the Ubidots account, then the sensors, Wi-Fi or GPRS, the location and finally the serial port. To minimize battery consumption, I did not use…

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  • Pesticides Environmental Effects

    space. Mechanical waves, unlike electromagnetic waves, require the presence of a material medium in order to transport their energy from one location to another.” (Physics Classroom, 2016). “Ultrasound is acoustic (sound) energy in the form of waves having a frequency above the human hearing range.” (Margaret Rouse, 2006). Sound wave frequencies are measured in hertz. While humans can only hear about a maximum of approximately 20,000 hertz, insects can hear a high of about 50,000 hertz, and…

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  • Informative Essay On Ultrasonic Waves

    incapacitating anomalies in the hatchling since they didn't know why. Today, we will take care of these issues by utilizing ultrasound machine, we will begin to expound on the history and how this machine began to improvement by numerous researchers, and by what means can many specialists began to utilize this machine for some reasons to individuals and to spare their lives. Likewise, how does this machine got to be distinctly well known and the preferred standpoint and weakness of utilizing…

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  • The Importance Of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

    pregnant woman needs her pregnancy to be monitored, so her doctor refers her to a diagnostic medical sonographer. Diagnostic medical sonographers also known as ultrasound technicians use specialized imaging equipment to produce images of a patient’s internal organs. Abdominal, breast, musculoskeletal, neurological, obstetric, and gynecologist sonographers are different types of ultrasound technicians. All sonographers place an ultrasound transducer on the part of the body that is being examined.…

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  • Summary: A Career As A Medical Sonographer

    1 When I was in elementary school, I knew I wanted to be something in the medical field. I didn’t know what, but I knew that was the field I wanted to be in. I wanted to do something that would help other people. Now, as a sophomore, I have decided to be a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer or Ultrasound Technician. I like everything about the job and think it is a great choice for me. 3 Diagnostic medical sonographers have many responsibilities. “The diagnostic medical sonographer provides…

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