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  • Action Research: Self-Protested Constructionist Epistemology

    This was an action research project conducted by a high school science teacher. She took a self-proclaimed constructionism epistemology. In regards to the epistemology, the study’s parameters were governed by the social environment. The study took place in the author’s 10th grade biology classroom, this was a natural setting for both the researcher and participants of the study. The research was conducted using qualitative methods, such as, interviews, observations, and participant. The methodology used was action research. The research questions posed in the study did not really question the educational system, and the way the data was presented did not strike me as persuasive. The area of focus that the author took lacked authority. Her main purpose in part was to socially and ecologically induce moral growth for students, providing a safe environment where they could be more aware of values, intake connections between biology and…

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  • Postmodernist Approach To Action Research Essay

    Action research is about immersion and willing to critique yourself and change what you thought and did. Action research is about feeling exposed and vulnerable but it helps others to share and learn in a similar way to you. Action research is changing and gives values to opinions and experiences of others. Perspective becomes the whole and challenges you to listen learn and act differently. Action research is about immersion and willing to critique yourself and change what you thought and did.…

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  • The Importance Of Ethics In Action Research

    Ethics Review With any research comes risk. Lindell & Perry (2004, p. 1) states “risk can be defined broadly as a condition in which there is a possibility that persons or property could experience adverse consequences”. Many action research (AR) studies encounter minimal exposure to any harmful information or risks to the participants. According to The Belmont Report “even avoiding harm requires learning what is harmful; and in the process of obtaining this information, a person may be exposed…

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  • Action Research Proposal

    Research shows the numerous positive effects learning in the natural environment can have on children 's health, wellbeing and development. However it is unclear as to whether there is a negative impact on social and emotional behaviour, when a lack of nature is present in the early years. Through the use of the action research cycle (MacNaughton & Hughes, 2009) this action research proposal aims to address whether there are negative effects when preschool aged children are not exposed to a lot…

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  • Action Research In Schools

    working on our own action research issue. I choose to research the factors behind why there are less female students taking higher level science courses during their junior and senior years of high school. Each week we added on new elements of action research starting with the questions, research purpose and literature reviews, to methodology, data analysis and communicating our findings. This course really opened my eyes to action research and what it can really do for my personal professional…

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  • Action Potential Research Paper

    The features of action potentials are: threshold, all or none, is regenerative, saltatory conduction and refractory period. The threshold is generated when the membrane of the cell is depolarize around -50mv to evoke the action to occur. Action potential is all or none because is either no action potential or a full amplitude of action potential. We say that action potential is regenerative since a new action potential is generated at each location along the cell membrane. The saltatory…

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  • Affirmative Action Research Paper

    Should affirmative action policies change their focus from race-based to class-based? The term affirmative action was first used under President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was used for job security due to union blacklisting during the Great Depression. However, what would become the present form of affirmative action took shape under Kennedy. As times have changed the implementation of affirmative action has shifted it’s focus from the workplace to campuses. Affirmative action is currently a…

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  • Examples Of Data Collection And Analysis In Action Research

    Data Collection and Analysis This next step in an action research is the data collection and analysis. Data helps the researcher to gather information that will be used for a better understanding to the topic. The quality of the data is the main reason for the action as a result of the inquiry. It is beneficial to collect as many types of data this can be interviews, surveys or observation. By utilizing several types of methods and looking from different directions, this process is known as…

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  • Coach Decision Making Case Study

    1. What is the purpose of a coach? As the textbook said, coaching is when an individual helps improve another individual’s personal, interpersonal, or skill area, or to take action to reach a desired future goal, working with a facilitator on the process of personal change (202) 2. What do you think makes and effective coach? I think an effective couch would have good communication skills, is able to encourage and support people, they take the time to listen, they build a positive environment,…

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  • Action Research Action Plan Essay

    Action Research: Action Plan Checklist for Goal Setting Action plans are created to help summarize the research that was found on ones area of focus. By completing a checklist, one plans ahead to prevent any unforeseen issues that may arise. Mills (2014) states nine steps to develop or describe your action research (p 69). Below is a checklist for the area of focus I intend on investigating. Area of Focus Statement The area of focus statement clarifies the purpose of the study. The purpose…

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