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  • The Electric Guitar

    The electric guitar is the culmination of thousands of years of history and great effort to enhance the music that we know and love today. It has changed the way we use it in music in our recordings and live performances and still is a dominant instrument in many music genres. To really understand this particular instrument, one must understand its: definition, history, construction, uses, and prevalence/impact in music. To know what an electric guitar is, one must understand just what a guitar actually is. In its raw definition, a guitar is a, “a long, fretted neck, flat wooden soundboard, ribs, and a flat back, typically made with incurved sides.” And typically, it has number of strings parallel along the neck of the guitar and is tightened…

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  • Electric Guitar Essay

    An important part of any guitar player’s career is to properly tend to their guitar. Each time a guitar is tuned the strings stretch. The stretching of the strings eventually wears out the strings to the point where they cannot stay in tune anymore. Once this happens it is time to restring the guitar.In order to change the strings on an electric guitar that features a floyd rose type bridge, one must gather the tools and supplies, thread the strings and apply the necessary slack, and finally…

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  • Electric Guitar Techniques

    When I was about 14 years old I saw a live concert on television in which Edward Van Halen performed some tapped bends on his electric guitar and they blew me away. He did some sliding taps and some bent taps and I immediately thought, "Wow, this man is truly a master of the electric guitar; he has absolute control over it and never makes any mistakes." Although now I consider tapped bends to be a fairly simple technique, they are still interesting musically, and the most difficult thing about…

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  • The Benefits Of An Electric Guitar

    So you 've decided you want to be a rockstar, eh? You 've decided that you 're going to join the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Stevie Ray and Slash as a rock n ' roll and guitar icon. Well, before you get too famous and lose yourself in either your music or drugs and alcohol, you have to get a guitar to begin with. It can be daunting to go into a guitar store and see millions of guitars, some for $200 and some for $2000. So which ones should you go for and what should you be looking at? Well…

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  • Origins Of Electric Guitar

    The Origins of Electric Guitar By: Pierce Bradley The electric guitar, an invention that’s not even a century old yet that has an intrinsic role in the history of music, especially the last 40 to 50 years having turned the guitar into an iconic figurehead and institution for musicians old and new. An though the electric guitar is less than a hundred years old it has ancestry in older, classical acoustic instruments built as early as 1779. The first electric guitar was dated in 1931. It’s a…

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  • Electric Guitar Research Paper

    General Description The Electric Guitar is a stringed musical instrument that consist of 6 to 12 strings. The electric guitar produces a variety of sounds ranging from sweet soft melodies to aggressive anger filled music. The strings of the guitar are plucked, and pressed into the fret board to produce a sound which is then transferred to an amplifier. The amplifier amplifies the sound of the guitar, and can even distort it. Major Parts As figure one indicates, the major parts of an electric…

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  • Electric Guitar History

    different music instruments at different stages of their learning or professional careers. Over the long history of music, instruments have evolved from the very historic variations of beat drums to the much more advanced electronic guitars. The modern patters of music and advancements in the way people take music lessons have enabled multi instrument talents in individuals who are able to play many instruments with equal fluency. We even commonly see at concerts or music performances all over…

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  • Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Concert Report

    It began very calm and quiet with just one singer singing and then it turned into where all the other band members began to sing and the tempo picked up. As all of the singers sang, the electric guitar was played and it contained a wide range with loud, electrifying sounds that helped pick up the pace of the song. The drums kept a constant beat throughout the song, and as the tempo picked up, they too started to play faster and kept up with the overall pace. A little while as everything is…

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  • Pink Floyd Foo Fighter Analysis

    Pink Floyd, being a psychedelic rock band, and Have a Cigar’s composition exemplifies this fact. On the contrary, Foo Fighters are a Rock band and hence their version of Have a Cigar represents this genre of music. Foo Fighters chose to make a plethora of musical choices that makes their version sound more like a Rock song and less like Pink Floyd’s version. The first choice they made was changing the instrumentation, Foo Fighters’ version does not use a synthesizer which was a key aspect of…

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  • Why Is Music Important To Me

    years old, only stopping for a brief instance when she felt a little shy. Additionally, my dad is very musically gifted. The instruments that he plays include bass guitar, trombone, acoustic guitar, drums and piano. However, I have seen him pick up quirky instruments in music stores and begin to play as if he had taken lessons. My father used his talents in church as a young person, and he continues to do so today. By the time that I was born, my dad was in a Southern Gospel band himself.…

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