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  • The Importance Of The Electrical Power Grid

    across the world, resting in almost every town and city. It is the definition of our modern society. The electrical power grid is its name. The electrical power grid is the largest, most powerful and complex piece of machinery on the planet, but perhaps one of the easiest to use. These simple to use instructions remain as one of the primary reasons for the grids enormous success. The electrical power grid is a single, massive circuit that generates electricity by burning fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, uranium, and oil. The transportation of this enormous mass power happens through the arteries of the electrical grid. These arteries are generated at an assortment of different facilities and transported over extremely long separations to users located all around the world. This connectivity takes place every minute of every day, every week of every month and runs year round. When an artery is severed our world stops and we find ourselves completely helpless and frightened. This horrifying change becomes a life altering situation. Similar to the human body, there is a dependence on all parts of the electrical grid to work in harmony. In the United States alone there are “450,000 miles of high-voltage power lines and 160,000 miles of overhead transmission lines connecting electrical power plants to homes and businesses” (Brain and Roos). The electrical power grid was extremely costly to…

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  • Power Grid Hardware And Software Systems

    Traditionally, power grid architectures were standalone systems that consisted of proprietary protocols traversing legacy hardware and software systems (Li et al., 2012). Power grid automation systems using this type of architecture carried high operating costs that power companies found to be inefficient over time (Kuder et al., 2010). Due to this inefficiency, power companies began to integrate the operation of power grid automation systems into public networks. This integration served its…

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  • Power Outage Case Study

    employees are forced to wait for the system to reset. Further compounding the problem is these are issues that arise from simple short power outages that are just long enough to force things to turn off/reset but comes back on shortly after that. Such outages can in themselves to signs of other problems such as surges in the power which can be very dangerous for the hardware as a sudden surge may damage hardware if not protected against. Fortunately protecting a network’s hardware against surges…

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  • Parkland Hospital Case Study

    through other means. These recruiters are on the lookout for both ongoing open positions, such as nurses, and also anticipated hard-to-fill positions, such as a pharmacist who will be retiring in six months. They identify candidates who would be beneficial to the hospital system and get them to put in an application to begin the hiring process. For high quality candidates, a recruiter may also follow the applicant through the process. Hinkel (2005) noted that internal recruiters and marketing…

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  • Essay On Smart Grid Technology

    Smart Grid Technologies: Communication Technologies and Standards Smart Grid History As soon as electrical distribution grids came into being the need for metering arose. The initial devices were used for metering consumption, however modern smart grid technology uses two way metering and can switch appliances on or off according to demand and off peak tariffs. Over the last one hundred years many obstacles to smart grid technology have been overcome. The earliest attempt at smart grid was…

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  • Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Essay

    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a play based on the novel written by Mark Haddon. It was adapted into a play by Simon Stephens and is currently being shown at the Gielgud Theatre in London. The first thing I noticed when entering the Gielgud Theatre was how big it was. The stage itself was very large, and was a proscenium arch, meaning that the audience faces the stage straight-on. The very unique thing about this stage was that the back wall was a giant cube-like math grid.…

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  • Project Of Krughutte Solar Park

    important technological revolution in the twenty-first century. The clean free renewable energy sources and their applications are increasingly embraced all over the world. It is just a matter of time when the world will wake up to news about great achievements enabling using alternative sources without any main restrictions. This moment will be very soon, and this sparks my motivations to be an effective and contributing electrical power engineer in this paradigm shift. This rapid increase of…

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  • Impact Of Technology On Society Essay

    When Edison’s system went into operation on September 4th 1882, it illuminated a set of 1000 light bulbs in front of The New York Times office, powered by the power station down the road. At this moment, Edison’s dream would quickly become a reality as large cities with power stations began adopting Edison’s DC electrical grid. However, it would take the work of Tesla and Westinghouse before the modern AC/DC current would be created. The alternating current could more easily be converted into…

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  • Buckeye Power Company Case Study

    Evolving IT in to a Cloud Computing System. Melissa McCord Managerial Applications of Information Technology Keller Graduate School of Management August 15, 2012 Table of Continence Abstract............................................................................................................................................3 Company Background.....................................................................................................................3 Business…

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  • KPMC Case Study: Social, Mobile, Analytics And Cloud

    NAME. AKSH BHARDWAJ ROLL NO. 254 KPMG SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. This aims at the creation of such an environment which helps a venture to better its operations, helps bring the business closer to the consumer/customer keeping in view the costs of overhead and also providing the maximum outreach to the customers. Now, new business models are being developed, owing to the presence of – 1. Mobile devices 2. Sensors 3. Social media 4. Loyalty card programs 5. Online…

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