Electric potential

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  • Cartesian Hydrodynamics

    In the case of zero scalar potential, the result of the calculation is to give a distribution function that is not a solution of the Vlasov equation as it is not a function of the constants of motion only. In essence, an additional exp(−r2) factor is required in the DF to counter exp(r2) terms that manifest by completing the square in the integration. The physical cause here would appear to be the inertial forces associated with the rotational bulk flow. If one assumes a non-zero scalar potential, then it seems impossible to satisfy the Ampère 's law. The physical cause seems to be that, in the case of force-free fields, one would require a “different” electrostatic potential to balance the inertial forces for the ions and electrons, which is of course nonsensical. Thus, our investigation seems to suggest that it is not possible to calculate a DF of the form of Equation (6) for the exact GH field. C. The magnetic field: A Gold-Hoyle flux tube plus a background field To make progress, we introduce a background field in the negative z direction. The mathematical motivation for this change is…

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  • Home Observation Essay

    presenting my outline for home-building on this mountainous terrain, and my knowledge of the movement of the land underneath the surface, will be valuable for local real estate and potential homebuyers. Lot S, Lot N,…

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  • Amplitude Modulations

    and Rogers 1981). This cell though is constrained; it is subject to spatial summation (Maler and Rogers 1981). It will not fire upon input from only one T unit, it must receive synchronous input from various T units converging at the spherical cell at the same time (Maler and Rogers 1981). When this occurs, an action potential is generated. This was determined by a clever experiment in which, a fish was administer just enough anesthesia to disable its EOD (Maler and Rogers 1981). The researchers…

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  • Action Potential Research Paper

    The features of action potentials are: threshold, all or none, is regenerative, saltatory conduction and refractory period. The threshold is generated when the membrane of the cell is depolarize around -50mv to evoke the action to occur. Action potential is all or none because is either no action potential or a full amplitude of action potential. We say that action potential is regenerative since a new action potential is generated at each location along the cell membrane. The saltatory…

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  • Math 213 Lab Report

    because cos (90) is zero. Therefore, finding the total energy of the system, there is only initial potential energy due to the block’s position relative to the ground in vertical direction. According to Zavala & Barniol, (2013), a study was conducted at a private Mexican university, which tested 422 students who were completing introductory physics courses with three isomorphic multiple-choice problems. The test purpose was to study students’ understanding of the Dot Product. The outcomes was…

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  • Assignment 1 Lab Report

    The authors created the Accelerated Sensor of Action Potentials 1 (ASAP 1) using a green fluorescent protein source on the extracellular side of the plasma membrane to highlight the membrane potential changes as demonstrated by the fluctuation in the fluorescent brightness. Neuronal action potentials generated are monitored up to 200 Hz in frequency using this device. The general purpose of this experiment was to further understand information processing in the brain and how brain activity is…

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  • Central Nervous System

    cannot create proteins because it has no rough endoplasmic reticulum. A plasma axolemma (cell membrane) surrounds the entire axon to protect it. In a multipolar neuron, the axons’s base is attached to the soma at a thickened cone-shaped region called the axon hillock. Nerve impulses occur between the hillock and initial segment where action potentials begin (an area called the “trigger zone”). Sometimes axons have side branches called collaterals, which usually branch off at a 90 ° angle and…

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  • ECG Signal Essay

    CHAPTER 2 2.1 ELECTROCARDIOGRAM The ECG Signal is a graphical representation of the electromechanical activity of system. The various propagation action potentials within the heart produce a current flow, which generates an electrical field that can be detected, in significantly attenuated form, at the body surface, via a differential voltage measurement system. The resulting measurement, when taken with electrodes in standardized locations, is known as the electrocardiogram. The ECG signal is…

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  • Untochable Force Essay

    3, 4 (C) 3, 4, 5 (D) 2, 4, 5 7. In the following table is shown weight to a few mass objects placed on the surface of the four different planets. Which planet has the greatest acceleration of gravity? Mass of weight Mass weight A 1 kg 40 N B 4 kg 40 N C 1 kg 80 N D 4 kg 80 8. a body mass of 10 kg, working two styles 5 Newton and 10 Newton. Great acceleration of the object is .... (A) 0.5 m/s² (B) 2.0 m/s² (C) 2.5 m/s² (D) 3.0 m/s² 9. There are Several forms of energy produced by the…

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  • Wave Energy Research Paper

    (Attenuators). (Shown below respectively.) In oscillating water columns, several chambers that function as caissons, enclose a large amount of water with a gap on the side that faces the larger body of water. When waves reach the chambers, the air column contained within becomes alternatingly compressed and decompressed. This changing air pressure is harnessed in order to spin a turbine contained within the top of the chamber, using a transmutation of the energy into a usable form. In…

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