Home Observation Essay

As a new geologist who has come on to the Sutherland organization a few months ago, I have been honored to work alongside enthusiastic colleagues. I have studied at the prestigious school of Du Page and have trained toward geological studies for about two and a half years. In my courses, we have explored the Earth’s crust and focused on various geological features of the world. All of these credentials make me qualified to present my observations for the best place for house construction for the local community. I feel as though presenting my outline for home-building on this mountainous terrain, and my knowledge of the movement of the land underneath the surface, will be valuable for local real estate and potential homebuyers. Lot S, Lot N, …show more content…
The elevated land and distance from the volcano reduce the likelihood of damage to the new construction. Aside from the safety offered by the location, it also contains great views of the amazing landscape. In addition to Lot S, Lot N and Lot L are also strong contenders for the construction of new homes. There are a lot of potential problems with both Lot N and Lot L due to the terrain of the land, even though they are both viable options for construction. Even though Tilted Mountain can potentially cause a lot of damage, Lot N is in a flat clearing that would allow the construction of a home to be relatively simple. Furthermore, the chance of mudslides in this area is very small. The further the homes are built away from the Tilted Mountain and the Annabelle River, the safer they will be. The scenic view is also a great part of this location. Lot L is also a great option for construction, despite the risk of creeps destroying the location, and a potential landslide moving the home. Lot L is elevated higher than most of the other locations, which will keep the homes safe from potential flooding. Additionally, this location has the greatest view of all the locations, providing residents with a near panoramic view of the magnificent landscape. The natural world can potentially cause damage to new homes in any terrain, which is why it is important to be conscientious of decisions in construction. I would like to thank the committee for your time in listening to my presentation and would appreciate the consideration of my locations for

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