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  • The Anthropocene: The Tension Between Archaeology And Geology

    and space, has also sparked heated debates between different social and geological sciences, specifically the disciplines of Archaeology and Geology. Environmental archaeology has contributed to the defining of the lines surrounding this heavily debated epoch through the…

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  • Mars Geology

    A recent study on Mars’s geology causes a paradigm shift to researchers’ perspective of the red planet. Felsic rocks that thought to not exist on Mars are now identified. Overall, these findings alter the understanding of the geologic complexity and magmatic activity of Mars. Prior knowledge of Mars’s geology was rather simple; consisting of one type of rock formation in contrast to Earth’s diverse and complex geology. Felsic rocks such as granite, are common in subduction zones on Earth (Wray…

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  • The Creation Of The Flood And The Great Flood

    marine fossils. Starting in the Himalaya’s, it is written in: “Exploring Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, “Marine fossils are also found high in the Himalayas, the world’s tallest mountain range, reaching up to 29,029 feet (8,848 m) above sea level.” These fossils are found on the top of the highest mountains in the world. Coiled marine cephalopods which are fossil ammonites are one example that proves aquatic life was at one time in Nepal of South Asia. Furthermore, fossils and…

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  • Importance Of Earth Science

    science? The purpose of science is to learn more about our world. To learn what earth is made of, how it started, and how things work. This is the importance of science. One very important part of science is Earth Science, learning about the Earth and beyond. Careers in geology In earth science there are 5 branches, one particular branch is geology, the study of earth, its structure substance, history and processes. Five careers in geology are paleontologists, volcanologists,…

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  • Mary Anning Research Paper

    “She sells sea shells down by the sea shore”, is a famous nursery rhyme well known by society today. This tongue twister is about the fossil collector Mary Anning. Mary became well known for the discovery of new species of fossil and contributions to the field of planetology . Anning would sell her fossils down by the sea shore to collectors and scientists, as way to make a living . She was not fully recognized during her lifetime for her work because of her low social class and gender. Anning…

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  • James Hutton: Increased Intellectual Activity In The 18th And Early 19th Century

    granting him the freedom to pursue a life of relentless research that would primarily focus on geology (Broadie, 2007). His experimental research lead to the publication of documents, such as Theory of the Earth and manuscript The Elements of Agriculture, that would present controversial and ground breaking ideas for their time. Geology was his true passion and his relentless research lead to the theories known today as uniformitarianism and deep time. At the time of their publication, these…

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  • Jewel Cave: Fantasy Field Trip

    Abbylyn Sessions Professor Livingston Geology 1100 28 August 2016 Fantasy Field Trip Just outside of Custer, South Dakota is a hidden geological treasure: Jewel Cave. Jewel Cave has over 181.89 miles in mapped passageways making it the third longest cave in the world (United States. National Park Service). The formation is lined with calcite crystals creating a beautiful view inside. Jewel cave is a geologic wonder that would make a great field trip. A field trip to Jewel cave would allow the…

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  • Bible Flood Essay

    not millions of years as evolutionist teach. First, evidence that takes away from evolution is that: evolutionists would have to believe that the Colorado River flowed up hill; the Colorado River is more than 4,000 below the elevation where the Colorado River meets the Grand Canyon. When you look at this through a creationist viewpoint, a massive amount of water came crashing into the land to forge valleys, the water washed sediment down and left layers of evidence. The layers of evidence have…

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  • Brahmaputra River Analysis

    Introduction Brahmaputra River, the peculiar drainage pattern of large Southeast Asian rivers, reflects a complicated tectonic history of crustal deformation in the Himalaya and river re-organization. In general, the Himalayas are divided into three tectono-lithologic domains: the Lower Himalayas, the Higher Himalayas and the Tethys Himalayas (Amano and Taira, 1992); surprisingly this river flows through over these three domains (Fig.1). The mineral assemblages are correlated with these…

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  • Granite Formation

    In the cross section of the land mass Vicunia there are sixteen identifiable layers. As we reconstruct the history of Vicunia we can also recognise distinct geological events that have occurred, which allow the layers of Vicunia to lie as we now observe them. Many of the layers contain fossils that have been dated to certain prehistoric periods; this allows us to apply a time scale to the deposition and construction of these layers. We can use the principles of geology and the principles of…

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