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  • Zombie Apocalypse By Elizabeth Mcalister

    the slave industry in the colonial area continues to affect Haiti. After giving us this information she focuses on how the zonbi became the American Zombie. Using the white zombie and I walked with a zombie as a reference to highlight the racial climate of the time. By quoting Laënnec Huron "Zombies, along with the cannibal practices that were imputed to be part of Haitian culture, became the image of the "Other" through which barbarism comes to be the sign for the Haitian" (McAlister,472) meaning at the time when these movies came out America was going the what was considered the Black fear which led white American of the time to consider the black Americans and Haitians consciously or subconsciously as the "Other". Around the time that George Romero's night of the living dead came out we began to see a shift from the movies set in the Caribbean to being set in the middle of suburban America. McAlister noted that Romero's films are an allegory for the American way of life. She further analyzes the Romero's films and why they represent "night of the living dead attacks the nuclear American family patriarchy and racism; Dawn Of the dead fastens its attention on the deadening effects of rampant consumerism, and Day of the Dead offers an indictment of militarism and American misuse of science and technology." (McAlister, 473) In these films, there is no sorcery involved unlike the movies made prior to Romero's dead series instead he focused on the more scientific cause that…

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  • The Zombie Genre

    genre in the mainstream. It would compelling to know what driving factors are affecting its growth in general. The concept of zombie did not arrive into the North American populace till the late 1920s (Christie 2011, p. 10). It is from there that the concept of zombie underwent a considerable amount of evolution. The original need to serve was replaced with an insatiable instinct to feed off living flesh (Christie 2011, p. 7). In addition, its concept of its creation was replaced by events…

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  • The Walking Dead Research Paper

    a reason for using zombies and other human-like creatures to scare us is because we are not only afraid of people we do not know, but mostly what they are capable of. Zombies are similar to us, but there are differences, and it is these differences that makes us fear them. People are afraid of the dead because the thought of rotting away and no longer existing seems to scare us all. That is why when people die, we either bury them or cremate them so we do not have to witness the process of…

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  • Zombies In The Walking Dead

    that the new generation of zombies have obtained. Not only have the decaying skin and the exposed organs become more realistic, but the overall violence and gore within zombie media has risen dramatically. These changes are mostly due to the specialization of costume makeup and the improved materials that allow for realistic reconstruction of guts. However, the developed zombies are not only made more gruesome because of improved technology, but as a possible attempt to differentiate from…

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  • Analysis Of My Zombie, Myself By Chuck Klosterman

    According to Klosterman, “Zombies are a commodity that has advanced slowly and without major evolution, much like the staggering creatures George Romero popularized in the 1968 film “Night of the Living Dead.”” (Klosterman). In this allusion, Klosterman connects the trend of zombies to zombies featured in “Night of the Living Dead”. Society is fast-paced and ever-changing, which makes it strange how zombies have hardly changed at all, yet have continued to rise in popularity, their image…

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  • Zombies In The Film Night Of The Living Dead

    the movie, death doesn’t help the protagonists win. Death doesn’t do anything really which is a commentary on how the countless deaths in Vietnam weren’t helping the cause at all. The protagonists also don’t win in the end of the movie which was rare for a movie back then. The main character is accidentally killed at the end of the movie when mistaken for a zombie. This is a bleak and hopeless end which is commentary on the bleak outlook on the future American’s had in the 1960s with the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Walking Dead

    Would you kill your loved one if they turned into a zombie and tried to bite you? People survive by killing zombies in “The Walking Dead”, tributes battle their way you the top to win in “The Hunger Games”, and the divergent try to fit into society while also battling and killing others in “Insurgent”. Sometimes, people go to great lengths in order to survive when they are in dangerous situations. Making alliances, stealing, killing, and eating other people are some of the things that's the…

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  • Character Analysis: Warm Bodies

    It's official, Warm Bodies wins the award for the most creative and unique relationship ever. R is a zombie who finds himself inexplicably caring for young, vivacious Julie, after stumbling upon her while attacking some humans. As he consumes the brain of her boyfriend, he receives brief memories of his captive's life, including his love of Julie. Through strange circumstances, he decides to protect Julie and keep her safe from other zombies. Now wait right there, it definitely sounds sick,…

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  • Annotation In Zombieland

    In “Vacationing in Zombieland: The Classical Functions of the Modern Zombie Comedy,” Kyle William Bishop writes about the development of the subgenre of zombie comedies. This subgenre, termed “Zombedy” by Bishop, is explained to challenge audiences’ ideas about zombie narratives. To exemplify the evolution of this subgenre, Bishop shares history behind the original tragedy of zombie narratives. Bishop cites Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead as the start of traditional tragic zombie…

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  • How Is The Walking Dead Similar To Fear The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead; Same World, Different Stories Not all zombie shows are created equal. Since its debut in 2010, AMC’s The Walking Dead has had great success as a TV show. Showing what life is like for those who survived after the zombie apocalypse, the show follows a central but ever-changing group of people as they fight for their lives every day. After its fifth season came to a close and just before the sixth season began, AMC aired a prequel of the original…

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