Zombie apocalypse

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  • Speech On Zombie Apocalypse

    As word spreads about the so-called “zombie apocalypse” we have set up an emergency shelter at the Federal Correctional Institute at 1101 John A Denie Rd, to provide a refuge for citizens. We have relocated all of the prisoners that were housed here to other locations and cleared out the entire prison to make room for as many refugees as possible. Seeking shelter here is recommended if you do not have a safe place to go as its heavily fortified, food and medical supplies are available, and it will keep you safe. We strive to maintain a drug free environment here at the Red Cross. The use of drugs without a prescription is prohibited in our facilities. It is unclear how serious this situation may become, and we need to prepare for the worst. The Red Cross recommends you join us at our shelter in hopes of establishing a prosperous community. To get a handle on the current situation we took this quote from our local news radio station 99.7FM. “We are interrupting our normal broadcast to…

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  • Zombie Apocalypse By Elizabeth Mcalister

    Elizabeth McAlister argues that zombies that we know of today are used as a mirror to highlight capitalism, slavery, and the rebellion against it. She discusses the how zombies originated and its effects on Haitian religion and culture, how the marine occupation of Haiti brought the "Zonbi" to the using film industry and is relation to a barbaric racial blackness, and how we began to see how the U.S. film industry began to move from the barbaric sense to the rebellion against it. I agree with…

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  • Zombie Apocalypse Implications

    The Implications of Zombie Apocalypse Preparation and Survival What Happens Inside of a Zombie’s Brain? The virus attacks and devours the brain’s frontal lobes, responsible for problem solving, so they cannot make complex decisions. Zombie’s cerebellums become impaired, which explains why they cannot walk so well, either. These beings also have an unexplained predilection for human flesh. (E. Landau, 2011) Zombies Can Be Helpful Although zombies are defined as an undead being created through the…

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  • The Walking Dead: Lying In A Zombie Apocalypse

    Lying in a Apocalypse Eating brains and shooting walkers is in a regular day of the zombie apocalypse. I chose one of my personal favorite shows The Walking Dead. The episode chosen is the first episode of season 6 named First Time Again. The synopsis of the episode is short but has many details in the episode. Also the episode has very few lies, which are said to each other. There is another part of lying in the episode that is ran through the entire series which means more than just lying.…

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  • Essay On Zombie Apocalypse Weapons

    Imagine, you are creeping through the fog of the apocalypse; you are in the perfect position for a silent attack, and your gun jams. You try to fix the jam as the zombie slowly turns around and chomps on your jugular vein. This is why it’s important to have a reliable weapon in the zombie apocalypse. All good zombie apocalypse guns should have certain characteristics in order to be considered a viable option. All good zombie apocalypse weapons are durable. The AK-47 is an extremely durable…

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  • Personal Essay: The Zombie Apocalypse

    Three days ago, and infectious virus sprung out of nowhere. The news came on, and the news reporter said “ as you can see, the outsiders are showing signs of cannibalism (the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings)at that point, it was announced that the Zombie Apocalypse had started. I’ve met up with multiple people; these are the people I need in order to ensure my survival. I choose Linda Dempsey, Hugo mitchell, Adelia Rotel, Lashawn Jackson,…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Zombie Apocalypse

    Could you ever imagine waking up one day and everything was different? Not being able to be sprawled out in your perfectly good bed each morning, but waking up in various locations for protection. Having to carry some sort of weapon every time you go outside just in case you run into a pack of zombies looking for fresh flesh. This all seemed too much and it was only my first year at Missouri State. A zombie apocalypse was not something I expected from college, especially to be one of the few…

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  • How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

    Would America be able to survive a zombie apocalypse if one were to occur without any giving notice? Zombies are defined to be relentlessly aggressive, reanimated human corpse driven by a biological infection (Staff, 2012). With just one bite a zombie could turn a human into one of them. The thought of zombies taking any part in this world may seem odd to some civilians but one can never be to cautious. It is better to be safe than sorry and be completely taken by surprise when a zombie…

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  • Personal Narrative: How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

    The best way on how I would survive a zombie apocalypse, I would first go to the cafeteria because there's food and they’re is a cage that you can pull down in the hallway so that the zombies don't come in. Also I would try to find an abandoned car or one of the buses so I can have transportation. There is a gas tank by the football field so I can gas up. I would be good for about a month because there’s food, water, and if I need some bedding I would just have to go to the dorms. If I need…

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  • Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide Essay

    Kendrick Coker Essay #3 This is the Central Arizona College student zombie apocalypse survival guide. So the world has come to an end but that doesn 't mean your life has to follow this guide to survive. The most important thing to have during this time is shelter. The Arizona heat is enough to make you pass out and die of thirst, Also the Arizona nights since it 's a desert get very cold. So a place to call home should be your priority from the beginning of your new apocalyptic life. The best…

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