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  • Zoot Suit Riots: Music Analysis

    American, sailors in the riots may have associated “Chicas Patas Boogie” with the minority group and attacked them during the riots. The song can also be linked to Mexican American community because the lyrics of the song are in Spanish with a hint of Calo. However, the vocal in the song was sung in a blue and rhythm manner rather than in Mexican American’s style like the corridor. The subtle clapping and the fixed rhythm scheme in the song make it an ideal song for the dancing clubs in downtown Los Angeles and the attendees of these clubs usually wear cloth more loosely than normal to prevent restrictions on their dancing movements. This style of loose suit or the “zoot-suit” is often linked with Mexican American because of the infamous riot took place in downtown Los Angles, along Figueroa Boulevard. But not of people realize zoot suit was actually associated with African American youth in the 1940s and provided several “racial connotations as the preferred choice of hip black men and entertainers.” 7 Moreover,…

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  • Reyna Grande The Distance Between Us

    family in 1987 was $19,970, compared with the average income of a white family, $32,270 (Daniels, 318). The vast difference in income and discrimination in education are two factors that show the inequality that the Mexican Americans experienced. Mexican immigrants experienced discrimination in nearly every facet of life in the United States: in employment, in housing, and in education. It is most notably the worst in Texas. Discrimination against Mexican Americans became so prevalent, there are…

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  • Zoot Suiters: Mexican American Culture

    off with some background information for those of you who do not know what a “Zoot Suiter” is and how they came about. “Zoot Suiters” were often belonging to Mexican American Culture and often times were young in age, most under 25 years of age. These individuals were famously known for wearing a unique style of clothing, hence the name Zoot suit, and were usually found in groups. This movement in style and culture originated in East L.A. and rapidly spread into Hollywood and onto the various…

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  • Summary Of Robin Kelley's The Riddle Of The Zoot

    Japanese Americans wearing zoot suits were not noted, but African Americans and Mexican Americans were well known for wearing these boots to show their rebellion during the war. In Robin Kelley’s work The Riddle of the Zoot: Malcolm Little and Black Cultural Politics During WWII, he discusses about what wearing a zoot suit meant during these times and the reaction that people had to them, and the consequences and life that the zoot suitors had. During a time of rationing, wearing a zoot suit was…

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  • The Importance Of Traditions In American Culture

    Like many of immigrants, Mexican immigrants, typically, did not assimilate right away. They usually continued their traditions and worked to maintain their family. The second generation of Mexican Americans were forced to live their lives with two cultures constantly clashing with the other. They spoke English at school and spoke Spanish at home; this resulted in creating their own language as a mixture of the two. They developed a dialect called caló, which is an argot that uses slang from the…

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  • Tame A Wild Tongue Analysis

    using such a strong derogative word, thief, as a symbol for Chicanos and then defending them, the author is able to express her feelings more strongly and get her point across to the audience. Another example of symbolism in Anzaldua’s writing is when she mentions the Pachuco’s language as a form of spanish. By incorporating the symbol of a “Pachuco” and “zoot suit” the audience can derive conclusions from the zoot suit 's cultural and political meaning based on a time when Mexican Americans…

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  • A Class Apart Film Analysis

    supposed to be short and temporary, but it lasted until 1964. Under the contracts signed with America, when they volunteered to do the Bracero Program, Mexican workers were supposed to receive decent pay and housing. But because of non-citizenship and constant fear of deportation, they could not band together and ask for better working and living conditions. During the 1930s and the 1940s, a new subculture developed in California. They had their own fashions and way of talking. They were zoot…

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  • Modern Day Criminalization Of Latinos

    In the past there were tragedies such as the Sleepy Lagoon incident or the Zoot Suit Riots, but the prisons were at least not filled to the brim with Latino youth. While as now, states such as California are overpopulated with the Hispanics in the prison, left wandering through the criminal justice system, left on the streets to do whatever they can to survive, whether they be male or female; the Latino youth are criminalized the moment they step on the streets. The modern Latino population is…

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  • Essay On The Zoot Suit Riots

    The zoot suit riots were a sequence of many different racial bursts that occurred between Mexican Americans and American servicemen in Los Angeles, California. These attacks developed in this area throughout the early 1940’s.Before all of the many American’s started coming to live in the Los Angeles area, Mexican Americans “Zoot Suit Riots” take their name from the high-waisted wool trousers and baggy, long-tailed suit coats then worn by many Los Angeles youths, but the violence was more about…

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  • African Americans During World War II Dbq Analysis

    One of the most violent occurrences of discrimination during WWII happened in the Zoot Suit Riots in Los Angeles. Many white Americans were not happy about the arrival of Mexican workers (Encyclopedia Britannica). The riots began on June 3, 1943, after a group of sailors said that they had been attacked by a group of Mexican Americans (Encyclopedia Britannica). Then, sailors went to the Mexican American neighborhood and started beating the ones who were wearing zoot suits (Encyclopedia…

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