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  • White Americans In The 1800s Essay

    America was run by white males who constantly struggled between their own conscious on issues, and oneself advancement. This often left America struggling to make up in areas that were either equally or even more important than the self-benefits that the white males obtained. The white mans greed for self-advancement in America left minorities including other races and women at a standstill and not even a second thought. I do agree with the statement that the historian proposed after learning about minority struggles throughout this unit. The most important topic of the quote and issue for America in the early 1800s was economic status and advancement. Many white Americans only cared about the benefits that they will received therefore only looked out for themselves. In this time the status was determined by wealth, in order to be looked at as superior one must have a lump sum of money. Money became the motivation for the white men, making doing what is right for the country as a whole and other citizens (and slaves) not important enough to determine how…

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  • White-American Race Relations

    From a White-perspective, race has always been an issue that affects “the other” – Blacks, Asians, and other “minority” racial groups. It was assumed (and largely still is) that whites dominated other races both qualitatively and quantitatively. For this reason, the societal status of these marginalized races have always been determined by whites. Historical evidence in the form of slavery, public segregation, forced migration and other racially-based abuses of minority races demonstrate this…

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  • White Privileges In American Culture

    are defined by the people who have them. White America has privileges that, in turn, other races in this nation will never be able to exercise. In truth, White privilege is not only real, but it entails more caveats for other races to never be able to exceed the height of social equality that the majority so comfortably…

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  • White American Informative Speech

    On the date of December 6, 1863, slavery ended and that was also the day the 13th amendment was ratified into the Constitution. African Americans don’t see the flag as a symbol for anything except for racism. The Kul Klux Klan actually used this flag as a symbol for racism, and not every white American uses the flag for that purpose. Also the flag was not the original flag for the Confederacy. Not all Africans see the flag as a bad symbol, but most do and that is all because of slavery.…

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  • White Privilege In American Culture

    went on to say “Ugh, screw you and your white privilege”! This dumbfounded me for someone to think that simple luck of her car being towed over mine was actually some mysterious force that gave certain protection to me because of the color of my skin. Also, the fact that she expected me to feel guilty and say sorry for having a lighter skin pigmentation than her. Why should someone have to apologize for what…

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  • White American Dance

    White America only knows how to appropriate from other cultures because, without this act of violence, white America would cease to have any other motives to accomplish. As recent as the past 50 years, black queer people have redefined dance in so many ways. Whether it is from theater/performative dance to ballroom, to trendy moves, or even interpretive dance, we have been at the forefront for constantly metamorphosing the dance scene. What white America does not know is, this need to express…

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  • The Denial And Mystification Of Whiteness For White Euro-Americans

    The Denial and Mystification of Whiteness for White Euro-Americans According to Sue and Sue (2012), there are two underlying factors that amount for the denial and mystification of Whiteness for White Euro-Americans. First, Whiteness is transparent precisely because of its everyday occurrence-and because Whites are taught to think of their lives as morally neutral, average, and ideal (D.W. sue, 2004). Second, Euro-Americans often deny that they are white and many times become defensive, because…

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  • Difference Between White And African American Culture

    White Vs Black The world we live in today is not only diverse through culture, religion, and ethnic background. What most people notice is on the outside to what they can only see. Since 1896, segregation has been one of the world’s biggest issues between culture identities. Two culture identities such as white and African American people have been impacted heavily upon each other in many ways, due to the history and communication that caused enormous amount of unnecessary tension between the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of White American Culture

    American culture is obsessed with the saying “to pull oneself up by one 's bootstraps” because it refers to the idea that every individual should work hard and with enough dedication will be able to accomplish their goals. While this idea in theory makes sense, since one does need to put in the necessary work to complete any task, in practice it does not work, because it runs under the assumption that there is a level playing field, when there is not. Unfortunately, society is not fair to all,…

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  • Feminist Comparison Between African-American And White Women

    The comparison between African-American and white women, all poor and working class, speaks to recent criticisms within feminist scholarship, where Elizabeth Spelman, bell hooks, Barbara Christian, and others point to a distinctly white middle-class bias. Work within recent years by white women and women of color has attempted to open up feminist thought to the perspectives and practices of those who the black man and subsequent police behavior. As Spelman argued a number of years ago,…

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