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  • Rome, Georgia Geography

    Rome, Georgia is a city in north Georgia. It is in the upper west corner of the state. Rome is near the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains in Floyd County. Rome received its name because it was built on seven hills with three rivers running through it. That is how it received its name. The hills and rivers, the city reminded the people of Rome, Italy. Before the European settlers came to Rome, it was the home of the Creek and the Cherokee Indians. The land was very fertile and had good hunting ground for deer and other game. When gold was discovered in Dahlonega, Georgia, the Indians land was claimed by the legislature of Georgia and they were driven away on the Trail of Tears. Rome was founded in 1834. It was in a good area because…

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  • Georgia State Prison Essay

    unincorporated Tattnall County outside of Reidsville, GA is the home of Georgia’s Department of Corrections (GDC), formerly the Georgia Industrial Institute, purchased by the state in 1937 for approximately 1.3 million dollars. The facility had renovation done in 2007. The prison originally housed juvenile delinquents. It’s now a medium security state prison. This prison is the oldest still running correctional institution in the state of Georgia. Just like Georgia’s state prison, South…

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  • Georgia Voter Turnout Analysis

    Georgia voter participation and voter turnout have varied over the years. Georgia is one of the strongest opening states to require a picture ID to cast an in person ballot and make it count. Nevertheless, photo ID is not commanded to cast an absentee ticket in Georgia. A number of residents of Georgia strongly supported the voter ID law to attack fraud during the election process. On the other hand, some labeled it a Jim Crow-era that would suppress the minority votes. Georgia offered all…

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  • Essay On Georgia State Flag

    Did you know that the state of Georgia was the last colony out of the first 13 colonies to be formed? Named after King George II, the colony was settled by James Oglethorpe in 1733, and it was considered a state by 1788. The purpose of the colony was to serve as a military buffer between the other 12 colonies and the Spanish Florida. During the Civil War, multiple battles took place in the colony, one of them being, “The Battle of Pickett’s Mill”, which occurred in 1864. Before the Civil War,…

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  • Case Study: Savanna Georgia

    Savanna Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe in 1733. It is George's oldest settlement and one of the first planned cities in America. Designed by Oglethorpe so that each family's property faced a public square which were then created to be small semi tropical parks. Today Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the south. Famous for her gardens, squares, and historical downtown district making tourism an essential element of savannas economy. Savannah's tourists come from all…

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  • Supreme Court Case: Worcester V. Georgia

    1830 when Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act (“Worcester”). As a result, new issues arose on a fight that had been around for centuries between the Native Americans and the Americans. One major collateral outcome of this act is the Supreme Court case, Worcester vs. Georgia. This case and the results of it turned out to be a major step forward for the Native Americans fighting for their rights and freedom during this time. There were many events leading up to the Supreme Court case,…

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  • Georgia After The Civil War: Scene Analysis

    southern states. The Peach state has been particularly interesting throughout the 2016 Presidential election. Georgia, one of the thirteen original colonies, has seen a very unique history in comparison to others that we recognize as the “Deep South”. Since entering the Union in 1788, Georgia has participated in every single Presidential election except 1864, due to secession. As the youngest and southernmost of the thirteen colonies, Georgia is historically distinctive. Post-Civil War,…

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  • Georgia O Keeeffe Influence

    They named her Georgia, after her Hungarian grandfather, George Totto (“Georgia O’Keeffe Biography,” 2016). Little did they know, their infant would become well-known as she grew older. Georgia O’Keeffe created astonishing and inspirational artwork, utilized the Habit of Mind, Thinking Interdependently, to innovate ways to inspire others, and illuminated the artistic field (“About Georgia O’Keeffe,” 2017). Georgia O’Keeffe was famous for her flower paintings, beautiful cityscapes, outstanding…

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  • Georgia O Keefe: An American Modernist

    Georgia O’Keefe was born the second of seven children near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on Nov. 15, 1887 (“Georgia O’Keeffe: About the Painter”). From the age of 13 (Stabb), she knew she wanted to become an artist, and she began her art career in 1905 by studying at the Art Institute of Chicago. She continued her education a year later at the Art Student’s League of New York. After working in Chicago as a commercial artist for a while, she moved to Texas to teach art (“Georgia O’Keeffe: About the…

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  • Georgia O Keeeffe America Analysis

    For Georgia O’Keeffe America was her canvas. The vibrant colors of her life and legacy left brilliant marks on history and how we view American art and artists today. As a small girl from Sun Prairie Wisconsin no one expected her to become as successful as she was (Unknown B 1). With the help of her husband, Alfred Stieglitz and her talent she went on to create masterful works (Unknown B 1). O’Keeffe once said, “To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.” (Unknown F 1). From her…

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