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  • Negatives Of Tourism

    When it comes to tourism there are many factors that play a role in making the industry what it is. Some very important influences of tourism include sociological, economic, environmental, and marketing forces. Each of these plays an important role in the tourism industry. There are also many positive and negative impacts of tourism that relate to these influences. When it comes to the sociological aspect of tourism there are many positive effects between tourists and host communities. One of the biggest rewards of traveling is being able to socialize with others, whether it is with the people we travel with (such as friends and family) or with the locals and new people we interact with throughout our travels. According to Goeldner and Ritchie (2012), “for both hosts and guests, the most satisfying relationships are formed when they can meet and interact socially at a gathering such as a reception, a tea, or a cultural event” (p. 253). Building relationships is a part of who we are as human beings; we are social creatures by nature. Throughout the travel experience there are endless social encounters that are made. One might bond with a waiter at the restaurant, or with the tour guide leading them on their safari, or with the hotel staff, or maybe just with a local they run into while enjoying some scenery. All of these social interactions have the ability to greatly enhance relationships between people of different locations and different cultures. When we socialize with…

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  • Marketing Factors In Sustainable Tourism In New Zealand

    INTRODUCTION Tourism is a central part of New Zealand 's economy. More than Two and a half million visitors come to New Zealand each year to experience world-class products and services. They travel to the furthest regions of the country and many also pursue business and immigration opportunities while they are here. New Zealand has been awarded ‘Overall Winner’ in the prestigious Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards in 2008. It had competed alongside 1,900 international nominees, New…

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  • Characteristic Elements Of Geotourism

    Geotourism is a concept of giving knowledge in protecting and recuperating the natural and cultural identicalness. It provides a designed approach to increase tourism benefits and constructs a responsible tourism strategy. The aim of this paper explains briefly about the elements of Geotourism, their strategies, how it helps to maintain integrity of local environment and finally it concludes by explaining its impacts on a region. By definition Geotourism is “tourism that sustains, or even…

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