Gerald Ford

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  • Gerald Ford's Economic Success

    Ford’s goals were primarily economic. Gerald Ford wanted to curb inflation because costs for goods were getting out of hand.In addition he vetoed 39 non-military bills just to focus on the economy. Once Gerald Ford had finished working on inflation, he then focused on the recession that was occurring in the economy. He also helped businesses in America by trying to reduce taxes. Gerald Ford’s presidency was very trying and unexpected. For one, he had to battle inflation. Then after he was done battling inflation he had to revive the economy because it was recceeding and part of the reason why was due to inflation. During this time period chronic energy shortages were a big problem in the United States and Gerald Ford had to ensure that these…

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  • Gerald Ford's Assassination

    Gerald Ford was the only United States President and Vice President to never officially be elected. Some might ask how is it possible to become both without getting elected. The answer is simple, it happened because of the resignation of the current President and Vice President. This is the long journey of how Ford became the 38th President of the United States. He did not have the easiest time as a child, but was soon able to find his way. Gerald Ford 's presidency had an immense impact on the…

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  • What Is Gerald Ford's Involvement In The Watergate Scandal

    investigation I will be discussing the controversial question regarding Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon. I will start by explaining the events that led to Nixon’s pardoning, which is his suspected involvement in the Watergate Scandal. Then I will discuss the actual pardon and what Ford’s speech said. Lastly, I will explain how the pardon protected the Presidency and stopped tension from arising in the United States. The method I will use to prove if the pardon was right or not is by…

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  • The Cambodian Genocide: The Terracotta Army

    In 1970, the Beatles break up, and a Palestinian group hijacks five planes. In 1971, the London Bridge is brought to the US and the UK changes their currency system to decimal systems for currency. In 1972, the Watergate scandal begins and pocket calculators are introduced. Also in this year, Mark Spitz Wins Seven Gold Medals. In 1973, the Sears Tower is built and the US pulls out of Vietnam. In 1974, the Terracotta Army is discovered in China and Mikhail Baryshnikov Defects. In 1975, the…

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  • 1980 Candidate Research

    He also disagreed with the move by President Ford to pardon those who escaped the drafts during the Vietnam War. Reign publically blamed Ford for the deficits in the budget and called him a poor leader. Reagan criticized politicians and the federal government for being too powerful, too large and also too involved in the society. He did not like most of the programs on social welfare and was for the idea that the state governments should remain solely responsible for welfare, education,…

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  • Civil Rights Act Of 1964

    population. He signed the 26th amendment, which lowered the voting age to 18. He also helped to desegregate southern schools. He also supported Affirmative Action, which was beneficial in its time because it made up for more recent inequalities. He also passed Title IX, which made it illegal for federally funded education programs to discriminate based on sex. He was a feminist and supported the equal rights amendment. 5. How well did Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter handle the transition from the…

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  • John Kasich Biography

    The grandson of immigrants who were coal miners, and is a prodigy politician who talked his way into a meeting with President Nixon at only eighteen years old, John Kasich is the emblem for a true American president. He has spent over two decades in congress writing bills that helped Ohio have a balanced budget, which hadn’t happened since 1997. Through his sheer dedication of being a better man, he also wrote two best seller novels and lived an adventurous life when he was kicked out of a…

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  • Why Did The Watergate Scandal

    Watergate case. Both of which were the first to report on the case. They had the help of a man named "Deepthroat" who was later discovered to be Mark Felt who was the Associate Director of the FBI. He had done this whistleblowing because Nixon had never felt to make him Director of the FBI as he would always be snubbed by L. Robert Grey to be the permanent Director. A month or so later, Nixon was issued a pardon by the now president Gerald Ford reliving him of any criminal charges and any…

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  • The Consequences Of Watergate And President Ford's Decisions

    which was digging the nation into a bigger economic crisis that would be left for the next president to clean up, Gerald Ford (Perlstein 2014). After Nixon’s resignation and iconic farewell address, the nation began to question the trust they had in their government. It came to the realization of many that their leaders had been acting without the permission of Congress before Nixon, particularly Johnson lying about the Gulf of Tonkin incident in order to get a blank check from Congress. The…

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  • 1972 Watergate Scandal

    court, Nixon’s conversation on those tapes showed clearly that he had “lied to the public and had obstructed justice” with all the courts findings. Nixon’s allies in Congress turned against him. It was clear that if the House impeached him, the Senate would convict him. On August 8, 1974, with no alternative left, Nixon announced he would resign. The vice president, Gerald Ford, assumed the presidency the next day. The new president faced many difficulties. Besides having to handle the…

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