What Is Gerald Ford's Involvement In The Watergate Scandal

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For this history investigation I will be discussing the controversial question regarding Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon. I will start by explaining the events that led to Nixon’s pardoning, which is his suspected involvement in the Watergate Scandal. Then I will discuss the actual pardon and what Ford’s speech said. Lastly, I will explain how the pardon protected the Presidency and stopped tension from arising in the United States. The method I will use to prove if the pardon was right or not is by talking about Ford’s reasons for the pardon, the nation’s view, and what could have happened if the pardon did not occur. Ford had good reasons for giving Nixon the pardon and this pardon prevented the Watergate Scandal from blowing up and having a bigger effect on America.
Summary of Evidence President Nixon had a rocky end to his presidency with his suspected involvement in the Watergate Scandal. He was nearly impeached, but resigned before the process was finished. The Watergate Scandal was a break into the Democratic National Committee Office (President Gerald R Ford). It was suspected
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Nixon was now being charged with obstruction of justice in a criminal investigation (President Ford Pardons Nixon). Ford wanted to put this whole situation in the past. Ford gave Nixon a full Pardon for his suspected role in the scandal. Ford believed a drawn-out trial would not have been good for the Nation (1974 President Ford pardons). Ford valued the opinions of others and didn 't take any opinion lightly. When making the decision about pardoning Nixon he listened to the opinions of many and didn 't make the decision on his own (Werth 42). An accusation was made that Nixon agreed to leave office if he was pardoned by President Ford. This accusation was made by the White House Chief of Staff Alexander Haig. Ford made a statement the next day that the accusation was no true (Werth

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