The Watergate Scandal Essay

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Richard Nixon was in one of the most controversial issues that the United States has ever seen. The Watergate Scandal is now well known throughout history today. This issue led to Nixon resigning only 2 years in his 2nd term. Did President Nixon make the right decisions? Can anyone really trust the government after a situation like this? Some Historians believe that this changed the course of history, and that we can never truly trust the government again. While others believe that Nixon didn’t make the right decisions; however, this should not change the way the people look at our government. The government and the people need to keep a strong trust.
The opposing argument believes that Richard Nixon made a turning point in history that allowed
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People need to support the government, but the government should also support the people. Nixon should not be the reason why Americans cannot trust the government. It was an error in history, and the government should learn from it. Watergate should just make people aware that it happened. The people should have every right to know what’s going on. The government fixed the problem, and Americans should not be worried.
The Watergate Scandal should actually make the government stronger. They have made it where it should never happen again. Kevin Hillstorm explains, “Yet many observers also expressed hope that the scandal would usher in a new era of ethical and moral product in the nation’s political and social institutions. The Watergate affair did prompt a score of legislative reforms designed to prevent future Watergates from ever happening.” (Defining Moments 84) They have learned from the scandal, and have now made it to where they are determined to change it for the
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It was a huge mistake on Nixon’s part. Dean gave the prosecution the information they needed. He revealed that Nixon did take apart in the incident. This sudden insight shocked the American people. However, with Dean’s statement there needed to be physical facts. These facts didn’t come until Alexander Butterfield confirmed that there were actual recording tapes in the White House. President Nixon refused to give the tapes to authorities. He twisted his words up a lot when it came to the tapes. He wanted to protect the people and the nation’s security. If he were to give them up they both would be at risk. He wanted to make a deal with Archibald Cox. Nixon stated, “He would turn over written transcripts of the requested tapes. A neutral third party could listen to the tapes and verify them against the manuscripts.” (In American History 79) Coz didn’t agree, and it would end up costing him his job. Nixon had the right to fire Cox and some others, and it would be known as “Saturday Night Massacre.” The public was angry, and Nixon knew if he didn’t turn over the tapes there would be consequences. When he finally turned over the tapes to were missing and one had part of it misses. The types ended up revealing that Nixon was involved with the cover up, but had nothing to do with the actual break in. Nixon put the tapes end to stop any leaks from getting out, and in the end it ending up hurting him. Before Congress could impeach him he

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