How Did Richard Nixon Influence Today

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President Richard Nixon is one of the most well known U.S. Presidents to date. During, not only his presidency, but also as a politician before getting elected, Nixon had a heavy influence all across the United States. With a man like Richard Nixon as president during the challenging time period of the 1960 's and 1970 's, many people expected a man with his status to be a good president. But shockingly, many things went wrong with not only his presidency, but also the man himself. Even with his downward spiral, the United States to this day is still a country that has been heavily affected by the man known as Richard Nixon.
How can a man and president like Richard Nixon have such an impact on the United States that it remains intact to this
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Now, how does a president with such a damaged reputation like Richard Nixon have a role to play in the United States of today? Richard Nixon did not influence today 's United States in a good way, if anything, it has negatively affected today 's United States. President Nixon was also known for being involved in corruption of election votes. When you take this into consideration of today 's voting system, it says a lot when the population of voters is on the decline compared to the 1970 's. There is the strong possibility that Richard Nixon is the beginning of the distrust of the government and the future presidents of the nation. Many U.S citizens do not believe in the government. There is no question that a government is needed to run this large country that is only growing. The problem is the hole of trust that Nixon 's actions caused for the government. There is also no doubt that there is and always will be corruption in our government.
The creation of distrust in the government United States was not only coming from U.S citizens. The media itself also has continued to look deeper into the decisions made through the government. This research is almost always leaning toward the possibility of government corruption. This is somewhat of a coincidence considering President Nixon 's hatred towards the media. The media was also the major source of the truth toward the Watergate

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