The Challenges Of Richard Nixon's Under Lock And Key

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Under Lock and Key
No one president has been more controversial or complicated than Richard M. Nixon. He was man who fought an internal battle between his “light” and “dark” sides throughout his personal and political life. Ultimately the darkness is what overpowered his presidency and captured the attention of the American people. However, Nixon is not to be simplified into a villain, rather he is paradoxical figure who cannot be nailed down to a single archetype. Therefore his memorial must attempt to represent not only his malevolent qualities such but also his strategic genius and perspicacity regarding politics. The goal is to paint a picture of a man who is so often reduced to a mere shadow of who he truly was and to shed light on his
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During his presidency he was on medication to treat depression, a fact that was not shown to the public until far after his resignation from office. Additionally his childhood was a rocky one. His father was abusive and his mother absent often (she had to take care of her two sons Harold and Arthur who has tubular meningitis) the combination of his parents polar personalities and his constant contact with death and illness made for a catastrophic product. People rarely see this side of of Nixon portrayed in biographies or museums, thus it is necessary that the monuments inside examine these aspect of his life. When guests enter the monument they will first enter into a small living room. On the left hand side there will be a piano and a stuffed arm chair. Across the room a large map of the globe will be pinned to the wall.Nixon 's public persona was the stern but loving father who always had your best interests in mind. This image was constructed by a team of experts for the express purpose of winning him the white house. It wasn 't until Watergate surfaced that the public found out the true extent of Nixon 's anxiety, paranoia, depression, and fatal character flaws. From here guests will push a false bookcase in the back of the room into a larger hall. All of the walls will be covered in mirrors to simulate Nixon 's feelings of constant observation. On one side of the hall there will be desks with tape players and computers so guests can listen to Nixon’s famous speeches, the Watergate tapes, and his secret recordings from the oval office. Additionally visitors can research Nixon 's achievements such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the ESA (Endangered Species Act), Chinese trade agreements, etc. In the middle of the room the floor will have an unbalanced yin and yang sign made out of granite. In the middle of it, there will be a

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