Jfk Inaugural Speech Essay

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one the most beloved presidents of the United States. He was the youngest U.S. president and the first Roman Catholic president. There is much to be said about this man and his legacy. We hear his humility in his inaugural speech and feel the admiration of family and friends shared in Eleanor Clift’s article, “Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration, 50 Years On.” Two different perspectives, yet both reveal the qualities of a man who loved his family, his country and inspired all. The photograph of the inauguration is a visual representation of the new hope that this young president had brought and the historical moment the most influential president was sworn into office.
Although JFK had passed, his inspiration and legacy
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Kennedy utilized pathos throughout his speech by evoking patriotism to elicit the emotions of his audience and by portraying his personal views. The exploitation of pathos within the speech was one aspect that had formulated the legacy he has departed from. For instance, when he encourages the nations to work together to strive for a democracy rather than tyranny, and bolsters each citizen to take a role in progress towards peace, he is illustrating his usage of pathos. Kennedy states within his speech, “ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country”. This quote empowers the people due to the emotional facet of patriotism, telling the citizens they are called to be a part of a greater solution to fight against tyranny, poverty, disease, and war. The consolation of the pathos contained in his speech had depicted JFK as a leader of hope and inspiration, which is still upheld …show more content…
This article gives the “behind the scene” perceptions and background of JFK. It also implies the input of people who have worked with JFK, allowing the legacy of him to be formulated by witnesses of what he was actually like and make the people feel as though they know him on a personal level. This article also provided the readers with imagery which had created an illusion to the audience, causing them to feel as though they were present and knew of everything that was happening. This also affected Kennedy’s legacy of having humility due to the personal level the audience had thought they reached, which helped appeal to their

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