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  • Geriatric Elderly

    require some form of medication to treat the development of health conditions. Health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and high cholesterol, are more likely to occur. Most of these conditions require the administration of pharmacology. Geriatric patients are therefore more likely to be on medications, and often on multiple medications at once, a condition called polypharmacy. Age-related changes in the human body makes it more susceptible to the medications. As a result the geriatric population should be carefully managed. Elderly patients are more likely to be on multiple medications on a daily basis. Polypharmacy refers to the use of four or more medications;…

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  • Geriatric Heart Failure

    For one thing, the approach to treating a geriatric patient who suffers from heart failure should be different then treating someone with heart failure in their fifties because of anatomical changes leading to physiological changes. For example, elderly people with heart failure have a higher probability of cellular death of myocytes, impaired stem cell function, reduction in cellular divisions, impaired release of calcium and malfunctioning sarcoplasmic reticulum (Abete et al., 2013). These…

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  • Geriatric Family Care

    Listening to the Voice of the Voiceless: Family caregivers. The attitudes and perceptions of family caregivers towards their oral health care experience with geriatric family members living in Quebec-Canada. Aging has now become a major global burden. Nations around the world are encountering population aging. The number of senior citizens worldwide is growing by 2 per cent each year, to a great extent more rapidly than the the world’s younger population. During the twentieth century in…

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  • Geriatric Interview Essay

    For the geriatric interview, I interviewed my grandmother, Minnie. She is 85 years old, widowed, and lives alone. Overall, she is in good health. Her medical history is pretty fair for her age. She takes daily vitamins and one pill for hypertension. Although she has prescribed iron medication, she choses not to take them as directed. Her psychological well being is intact. She is more than capable of taking care of herself and making appropriate decisions. My grandmother’s psychosocial history…

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  • Geriatric Case Study

    A geriatric patient is an older person with impaired overall function. There is no set age, but he or she is usually more than 75 years old with chronic illness, physical impairment and/or cognitive impairment. Older adults with frailty may also struggle with the following: Gait abnormalities and recurrent falls. When dealing with the elderly you have to have their safety in mind, because most elderly people are afraid that they will get hurt. You have to assure them that they are going to be…

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  • Geriatric Diseases

    population. The provider has to evaluate the patient’s ability to manage medication regimen and discern if the patient is taking the medications correctly. Medication list reviews are a good way of determining if a patient is still taking all medications. Having a close relative or spouse with the patient during these times can also be helpful, as many elderly patients do not always volunteer information if they are having trouble with something. “Clinicians should consider care goals, disease…

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  • Case Study Of Aging

    Geriatric and treatment center added 1974. 3. Develops service needs for the elderly at Duke. a. Multidisciplinary training. b. Adaptive resources offered for life transitions concerning employees and their families. 4. Offers technical assistance for caregivers of individuals with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. V. Appraisal: The article relates closely to gerontology and multidisciplinary fields of aging. a. Construction: Offers explanations as well as scenarios concerning difficulty in…

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  • Informative Speech: Discrimination Against The Elderly

    it based on mainly on how old they are. They assume that if you are old, that you cannot do much. Attitudes are not only hurtful, they are harmful. Dr. Robert Stall a practicing geriatrician for over 20 years in Buffalo New York, sees it firsthand. In this particular article it mentions, “When an older person visits a doctor with valid health issues, such as loss of bladder control, decreased mobility or memory impairments and is met with “what do you expect” attitude from the doctor or nurse…

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  • Health Care Trends In The 1980's

    focus of the government. In 1993, the National Public Education Campaign on Clinical Depression was launched reaching millions of Americans through public service announcements and advertising (Mental Health America, n.d.). By the end of the decade this renewed emphasis on mental health culminated in a governmental effort to change American’s ideas about mental illness and depression through the White House Conference on Mental Health which called for a national anti-stigma campaign (U.S.…

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  • Medical Office Administration Essay

    My reason for getting into Medical Office Administration would have to be, because of Josephine Caballero my grandmother. She is why I would love to get a job working in Geriatrics A branch of medicine that deals with the problems and diseases of old age and aging people. My grandmother was a woman I loved dearly, however she was very sick and crippled she relied on a wheelchair. She became paralyzed at the age of 34 and developed Rheumatoid Arthritis she remained in mobile till she passed at…

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