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  • Elderly Care Pros And Cons

    d) Pros and Cons of Policy and Program Interventions for Elderly Care The last element of the United States elderly care system compromises of programs and policies that are classified as institutional and legislative responses to aging in the United States. According to Bookman and Kimbrel (2011) and Wise and Yashiro (2006), Medicare is an example of a functional policy in the United States for the elderly, under which senior citizen over 65 years, and who have a Medicare insurance cover during their days of employment are eligible for insurance cover. Medicare is another insurance policy that also covers the elderly. Other examples of policies for the elderly in the United States include the Social Security Act of 1935, Older Americans…

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  • Robots As Caregivers

    decades (Wiener & Tilly). The ageing population has a significant impact on health care and personal care delivery. Senior members have a wide range of needs, such as healthcare (due to chronic ailments), home or personal care needs. Past records indicate that family members are unable to provide care as most young people live away from their parents or are too busy to accord daily care. In this scenario, demand…

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  • Elderly Abuse In Modern Society

    number of Elderly Abuse and Abandonment in Modern Society Increasingly in modern society, responsibility on the part of their relatives to care for elderly has failed. Elderly abandonment and neglect among the elderly is one of the several challenges we face today. Elder abuse is a common, yet frequently ignored problem in our society. The aged population is growing dramatically. According to International Epidemiological Association 2002, "Over this time period, the proportion of the…

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  • Substance Abuse In The Elderly

    today are associated with the younger generations. However, there are issues that are being overlooked in the elderly population. Substance abuse in the elderly is one of the fastest growing issues in the United States. The use of alcohol or "misuse" of alochol can place the elderly in many detrimental psychological, physical, and social consequences that may be undetected. There are many reasons for geriatric substance abuse and many ways in which nurses can impact misuse in a positive way.…

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  • Risks In The Older Adult Population

    This post is about elderly and the risks that make them be a vulnerable group in our society. I will discuss the causes that put elderly at risk and solutions to avoid some of those risks. Our nation is experiencing an increased growth in the older adult population, this brings the concern for their well-being since they are usually at risk for injuries and poor health in general. The elderly often have decreased and impaired mobility, visual or hearing deficit, numerous chronic health…

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  • The Importance Of Leaving The Roots

    on which humanity has existed will be forever changed? From changing family structure of how the elderly are taken care of and the independence of the youth to leaving the traditional sets of morality that shaped each individual, a new world is taking place. Whether or not it will…

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  • Essay On Elderly Culture

    the “Behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group”. With that said, I decided in the last week to center in on one culture specifically, the elderly. We all consider someone an elder if they are somewhat old or getting up near that old age. With Florida being one of the most popular retirement locations, elderly people are everywhere; however there is so much more than meets the eye. Elderly people are viewed and valued very differently in many different…

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  • Legal Obligation In China

    children to sign an agreement to support the family. According to Francine Russo, a Journalist and speaker in Time Network, A woman found a negligent in visiting her 77-year-old mother. The court charged her under the Law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly. According to China organization website, the Law is enacted in accordance with the Constitution to protect the lawful rights and interests…

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  • Physical And Cognitive Issues In Aging

    equaling a total of 70 million (Aging, n.d.). This increase in the elderly population creates the need for counselors to have vast knowledge related to aging individuals as challenges regarding environmental, social, psychological, health care, and economics continue. Stereotypes A study done in 1986 by Schmidt and Boland asked undergraduates to identify terms, both positive and negative, that they associate with elderly individuals.…

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  • Depression In Older Adults

    studies and awareness campaigns. With great amounts of time being spent on the topic of depression the elderly population often gets neglected when talking about this issue. Depression affects people of all ages and it is important to understand depression as it is present in our aging population. Trigger Event Through experience in the clinical setting I have come into contact with a variety of older adults. Fellow students often make comments along the lines of “I feel so bad for them” and…

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