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  • Public Health Promotion

    Public health educators use many methods of promoting health for example through health media campaigns around nutrition and people eating habits. Basing on the targeted population, health educators may decide to use either of the four types of media for example billboards, newspapers, radio, and poster advertisements. However, as public health educators create public health media campaigns around nutrition and individuals eating habits can potentially have both positive and unintended negative effects. Seemingly, health educators they perform the above with the sole aim of preventing of diseases for example obesity basing on the points of intervention for example: primary care which involves the activities we think of before somebody fells…

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  • Public Health Issues

    In the field of global health, a consensus has been reached that we can no longer analyze public health issues through a purely biomedical lens, but must incorporate a wide range of other dimensions, such as political, economic, social, and environmental aspects. All these dimensions converge together to form particular places of health that influence disease exposure and transmission. King asserts that a political ecology framework applied to health provides insight into “how health is situated…

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  • Public Health Issues In Mexico

    Although women status in Mexico has changed significantly over time, many Mexican women face a lot of public health issues, discrimination, and different kinds of harassment that need to be addressed and worked on (Ibarguen-Tinley, 2015). This paper targets teenage girls between the ages of 13-19 currently living in Mexico City, Mexico. The three top public health issues faced by these population are drug abuse, sexual harassment, and teenage pregnancy. Drug abuse is very common among Mexicans,…

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  • Public Health Vs Public Health

    Public health is defined as organized, systematic efforts aimed at the prevention of disease and the promotion of health at the community level (Mays & Smith, 2011). Throughout history, prevention efforts by the public health sector were directed at controlling transmissible diseases, reducing environmental hazards, and provisions of safe drinking water. Public health professionals historically have worked to prevent problems from happening or from recurring through execution of educational…

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  • My Interest As A Career Of Public Health

    to inform you of my interest in the Doctor of Public Health program in Epidemiology at Georgia Southern University Jiann‑Ping Hsu College of Public Health. Aldous Huxley says “Experience is not what happens to a man: it is what a man does with what happens to him”. Being a victim of typhoid fever outbreak while I was a senior in high school in Nigeria, West Africa; the death of my favorite uncle from the co-infection of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, tailored my career towards communicable diseases…

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  • Strategic Planning Public Health Care

    Introduction The organizational level in which strategic planning of public healthcare is done depends on the size, differentiation of the services provided and also the complexity of the organization. The different leaders’ and the different departments are responsible for the planning process. Public health organizations operate in an environment that is very unpredictable, and that keeps on changing, therefore, a strategic plan is necessary to help develop plans to cater for the changes. The…

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  • The American Public Health Association (APHA)

    The American Public Health Association(APHA) is responsible for the health and wellbeing of our country. As a prime source for “[protecting]...the health of people and communities where they live, learn work, and play” (APHA), we must trust them with the matter of the illegal drug abuse. The APHA promotes “healthy decisions” and should be able to aid victims, whom are unable to exist or grow for themselves. While each drug result in different side effects and hazards, how would we know or…

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  • Health Disparities In Public Health

    Public health concerns involve communities within populations that experience certain health disparities and focus on specific health issues or illnesses. Community-acquired pneumonia or CAP for short is a common infectious disease in elderly (and communities with specific health disparities) that is responsible for substantial morbidity and mortality (Thiem et al, 2011). Health disparities are preventable illnesses that are common in some socially and economically disadvantaged communities…

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  • Public Health Essay

    If the movement of people, food, and manufactured goods can have such a negative impact on public health, should steps be taken to reduce these flows? What other options are there for lowering the spread of global diseases? The movements of people, food and manufactured goods have had such a negative impacts on public health and therefore, there are steps that can be taken to lower the spread of global diseases on each of the following. Movement of people. Increased movement of people…

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  • Master Of Public Health Personal Statement Essay

    Chittagong University, Bangladesh. After passing MBBS, I finished internship (residency) from Sylhet M.A.G. Osmani Medical College Hospital. I am now applying to Master of Public Health (MPH) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) to learn more about research methodologies and complex issues related to research. My interest in public health is closely linked to my country of origin; I am from a small developing country, Bangladesh. This country is one of the most…

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