Public Order Act 1986

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  • Public Order Act 1986 Essay

    high court upheld the conviction saying magistrates were entitled to find the sign “insulting” to homosexuals. No one in the crowd was charged. This injustice meted out as a result of the vagueness of section 5 of the public order act 1986. This led…

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  • The Importance Of State Trial For Sedition

    Soon after the rally which was done without permission, when Tejpal was arrested, a pistol was found with him, which is a clear reflection of his intentions. As per Section 6 of the Indian Evidence Act, the pistol shall be treated as a part of circumstantial evidence, which clearly shows that the whole act was being conspired to wage war and he has full motive and intention of sedition. In the case of Dr VinayakBinayakSenPiyush v. State Of Chhattisgarh the hon’ble court held that from the…

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  • Tobacco Advertising Essay

    Tobacco smoking is big business in India. Through tobacco advertising, citizens of all ages are attracted to smoking tobacco. The advertising is very dynamic and impacting on those exposed to it. As a result, it became an obsession and hence an addiction even before the viewers willingly consented to first sample and then fully commit to enjoying the taste of the products. The viewers of the advertisements knew full well that the addiction to smoking tobacco based products has serious health…

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  • Public Prosecution Vs Orum Case Study

    Director of Public Prosecution v Orum [1989] 1 W.L.R. 88 Introduction This case deals with the controversy of interpretation of section 5 and whether police officers can be included as people within the act. By assessing the judge’s decision on how it impacts various aspects of society, it enlightens how the relationship between the police and public is misconstrued. Facts of the case The defendant, Orum was in a confrontation with his girlfriend just after midnight. He was using abusive…

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  • Political Revolutions In The Philippines

    instructions to the people on how to act during the 1986 election. He encouraged the Filipino community to vote by addressing their religious principles. For example, he stated, “Participation in these coming elections is not only a political act, but also an exercise of our Christian faith. We should participate in this electoral process as Christians,” (Sin 1985, 85). In doing so, he made it their moral obligation. Cardinal Jaime Sin also addressed the NAMFREL volunteers. The National Movement…

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  • Handicapped Act 1986

    The Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments of 1986 Based on new research found on infant development, encourage a change in early interventions and preschool services. Early intervention was found to improve a child’s intelligence, prevent secondary handicapping conditions decrease dependency in institutionalization and decrease family stress (Education of the Handicapped Act, 1986). The establishment of the Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments of 1986 was created in order to improve…

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  • John Doe Essay

    Since 27 October 1986, congress did not hold a level of respect for making the right calls with deciding sentences for criminals. Thanks to the anti-drug abuse act, which mandated minimum sentencing laws, thus creating the quake that would soon start an avalanche within the United States justice system (H.R. 5484 — 99th Congress: Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986). The power to decide on a case-by-case basis was taken away from judges and replaced with the one-size fits all sentencing that began to…

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  • Dog Act 1986 Analysis

    that is to maintain order within the community. Before considering what the Control of Dogs Act 1986 brought to the existing legislation related to dogs, it is of significance importance to clearly understand what the Act involves as well as to define what strict liability is in order to precisely assess the form of liability arising for the owner of a dog in case of a harmful conduct. Deprived of conscience, animals are capable of doing great mischief, this is why strict liability is applied…

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  • The Electronic Communications Privacy Act

    It was one of the first internet laws and for the most part it was a good one. It was really a good example of how the law should act. In a sense it was the epitome of security at the time. A lot of private information is contained within emails and instant messages to this day, and without the Electronic Communications Privacy Act many of these emails would have been breached and would have gone unpunished. Another great this about the ECPA is how it evolved. Today the ECPA acts as an umbrella…

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  • Reagan's Struggle Against Terrorism

    In 1986, Reagan took violent action to win a battle in his war against terrorism. Reagan started serving his presidential term. The United States had been struggling with foreign nations, such as Libya, specifically relations with Muammar Gaddafi (El-Gadhafi, Quadaffi, Qadhafi). Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator first came to power in 1969. Over the past few decades, the United States tried to solve conflicts with Libya diplomatically (SOURCE). Once Reagan was elected, he tried to continue the…

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