Tobacco Advertising Essay

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Tobacco smoking is big business in India. Through tobacco advertising, citizens of all ages are attracted to smoking tobacco. The advertising is very dynamic and impacting on those exposed to it. As a result, it became an obsession and hence an addiction even before the viewers willingly consented to first sample and then fully commit to enjoying the taste of the products.

The viewers of the advertisements knew full well that the addiction to smoking tobacco based products has serious health risks and consequences; nonetheless, the citizens of all ages partook willingly.

The Government of India had benefited from the sale of tobacco in the form of excise taxes which helped to support its budget. But the Government of India had to buttress
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Businesses have to survive in a competitive world which targets the citizens for the consumption of their products and in their pursuit to be better than their competitors develop products that are attractive to the consumers and through advertising create greater appeal for them.

Ultimately, the citizens choose what products to consume even though there are warning signs indicating the danger of consuming some products preaching moderation in use but such admonition is ignored.

Whether advertisements extolling the virtues of tobacco are banned by governing bodies, citizens once they have acquired the taste will still pursue the product wherever it is produced and buy it.

Hence the only solution is to restrict or totally deny businesses that are perceived to manufacture products that can cause harm to the health of its citizens, would create issues of fair trade and hence take away the rights of citizens to

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