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  • The Importance Of Equality In Public Schools

    Throughout the past decade, African American students have been put through the grinder to gain equality in the public school system. School is seen as a method to help young adults integrate themselves in today’s society, still til this day education has been a struggle for African American students. The lacking of potential so to speak in public schools stirs up a contraversal topic of conversation among those of the highest form of government to the lowest form poverty stricten American households. A plethora of studies have been administered to find the root and as well as rectifying the problem. So, the questions remains how can high schools better provide equity for all students, especially for African American students. A close examined…

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  • Underfunded Public Schools

    headlines about schools have become more and more prevalent. Whether it was about school lunches (and how bad they are) or how schools are helping their students for the better, stories about schools have been and will always be in the headlines. However, there is one story that has shown up plenty of times and has no definite solution: underfunded public schools. Public schools all over the nation, from Chicago to Philadelphia, have been declining for a while. Many believe the decline is from a…

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  • Immigration In Public Schools

    have a profound impact on the ethnic, racial and immigrant composition of public schools in many major US cities. Immigration induces “native flight,” especially among white natives, from public schools into private schools, thus altering the ethnic, racial and immigrant composition of public schools. The less affluent students of color who remain in the public school system face debilitating repercussions to their livelihoods and quality of life if the number of native born schoolchildren who…

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  • Public Schools Vs Charter Schools

    the list when it comes to our public education system; unfortunately that notion is false. Among thirty developed countries, the United States ranks 25th in math and 21st in science (Lessons in Education). As our economy is becoming more dependent on technological innovation, our position in the world in regards to math and science education is very weak. The hard working taxpayers of the United States pay near 10,000 per student to be education in our public school system (Lessons in…

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  • Public Education In Public Schools Essay

    their religious values compromised by any nationalized form of religious doctrine. Although the separation between the two is defined, as a society we often run into many issues pertaining to variance between the religious values of individuals and the actions of the state. A great example o conflict of interest amongst religion and state practices can be seen through the public education system. The public school system has a goal of educating kids free from religious influence; however this…

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  • Homeschooling In Public Schools

    schooling, which is apart of the public education system, but have a certain theme of expertise they focus on. The students are enrolled based upon their interest and ability in that certain theme of the school. Although there are many more options, the main choice parents are making today…

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  • Essay On Public Schools

    Stop Saying That the Public Schools in North Carolina Are Awful There are always teenagers complaining about the certain things they do not like about their schools; for example, if their next class is far away from the one they are now, if the school’s bus is late almost every day, or for what reason do they have to go to school if they do not want? I understand not everybody in North Carolina likes the way in how the public schools in this state work, but if we focus more on their good side…

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  • Charter Schools: Nontraditional Public Schools

    Charter schools are becoming a greater debate as they continue to grow all over America. Charter schools are a nontraditional public schools that are funded with public money and have been freed from district regulations and some state laws in exchange for greater accountability to achieve performance results set forth in the charter (Spellings 1). Charter schools are just like any other school but just with a different name. Charter schools are a waste of money and are not helping better…

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  • Charter Schools In Public Schools

    Charter schools are unique public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for advancing student achievement (“About Charter Schools”). In the United States, many different education reforms compete for the attention of political leaders, policy makers, parents, and school officials. Charter schools constitute one of the most widespread and important of these (Buckley and Schneider 1). Charter schools were created to help improve the United States…

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  • Teacher Accountability In Public Schools

    A major problem we face in public schooling is how we have deal with teacher accountability. Teacher performance has a huge impact on the success of the students. A good teacher can cover around 150% of the curriculum, while a bad teacher will usually only cover 50%. Teacher tenure, a product of unions, protects public school teachers from being fired, and it is usually obtained between 1-5 years. Once a teacher has tenure, they are not able to get fired, instead certain schools will trade their…

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