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  • Public School Vs Public Schools Case Study

    “Home-school or public school?”, “Are public schools safe for our children nowadays?”, “Home-school will curb socialization?”, these are the most questioned by the parents towards themselves for their children education. A lot of issues arise in their mind regarding this and they need to sort out the differences between those two and their final choice. There are three differences which are public school gives proper socialization, diversity of curriculum activities in public school and public school boost up independency and discipline. First and foremost, public school gives proper socialization. According to (Chen.G, 2008) interactions through work with each other will build necessary skills that the children needed in…

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  • The Importance Of Curriculum In Public Schools

    As the controversy on the government’s role in education has remained present for decades, people have disagreed on the best way to educate a child. Public schools, paid for by tax-payers’ money and regulated by the government, bring into question how much control of the curriculum the government should have. While private schools, schools privately owned and paid for by tuition of the students and outside donations, do not have these regulations but bring about other concerns about the standard…

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  • Differences Of Private And Public Schools

    private or public school. One of the major differences between private and public school is that the private school is not funded by the government; they are independently funded. But the public and charter school is funded through the government. However, parent’s considered many factors when choosing schools that best meet their needs. The factor parent’s considered when choosing private or public school are; private or public admission, state or non-state standard curriculum, discipline,…

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  • Advantages And Cons Of Public School Or Private Schools?

    Public school or Private school? That is the question many people in today’s society contemplate. Students take school for granted, when in reality parents choose where to live based on a school, think about where they want to send their child to school, and how the school will effect their child. A school is a place where kids go to obtain an education and learn skills that they will use for the rest of their life. Public and private schools vary in a variety of different ways and both have…

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  • The War On Public Schools By Erika Christakis

    Erika Christakis, the author of “The War on Publics Schools,” argues against the effectiveness of civics teaching. She provides several flaws of the education system and continually supports her claims. Christakis is not the only author against proficiency of the school systems. Chester E. Finn, Jr., the author of “The failure of civics education,” does not believe the teachers are providing a worthy and prominent educational system. Each author disagrees with the current success of the civics…

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  • Advantages Of Public School Vouchers

    K12 Education Funding and Private School Vouchers Education continues to be a hot button topic in the United States. Essentially, the debate is whether or not the federal government or the state and local government should control the K12 public school system. Some state governments however, have not been successful in managing their public systems leaving students in those states at disadvantage when competing with students from states with better school systems. Some would like to argue that…

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  • Importance Of Attending The School Of Public Health

    Firstly, the School of Public health is unique in that the school will be able to provide me with the exact tools to necessary to succeed. With an emphasis on research and service, attending the School of Public Health will show me exactly how the field works. Attending the Public Health program will allow me to immerse myself and get a direct hands-on experience while simultaneously allowing me to maintain the end goal of creating a healthier world. Secondly, I would also like to attend The…

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  • The Importance Of School Holidays In Public School

    the holidays that fall during the school year. If we celebrate one we would have to celebrate all so students of different background won’t feel excluded the holidays they celebrate. We live in a very diverse society in which people have many different beliefs and backgrounds. We want all of our students and parents at MISD to feel equal treatment between all of the students. So when considering the right way to handle the issue there are many things to consider like the time it would take…

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  • The Importance Of Public School Funding

    Public School Funding Throughout the years, many states in America such as Arizona have experienced a decrease in public school funding due to a decline in taxes and a lack of financial resources. This has created many issues with the quality of a public school education. The current lack of financial support has decreased the ability to provide the necessary resources for our schools. This is the biggest obstacle for public schools in Arizona and many states across the nation. This is a…

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  • The Importance Of Sex In Public Schools

    children about the importance of sex in details and in depth. If parents don’t have the sex talk with their child, who will? In addition, teenagers are most likely to start having sexual relationships when the get into high school. So, we should teach our kids at an age were sex is their number one thing in their mind. Teenagers will listen to someone that’s talking to them about sex, like a teacher, instead of listening to it from their own parents. Public schools need to teach our own children…

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