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  • London Bus Tendering Case Study

    The London Bus Tendering Regime – Principles and Practice[1] Toner, JP[2] Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK email: telephone: 00 44 113 233 6617 fax: 00 44 113 233 5334…

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  • Mega Bus Case Study

    Mega Bus have quit a few advantages for a company that recently entered into the market. Mega bus has learnt from past mistakes of other companies that have been operating in the US transport industry. A feasibility study carried out reveled possible sources of these failures. For any business entering a new market, it is easy to avoid doing things that other companies have done to land them into problems. For example, Mega bus has been able to analyze the events that led to companies like…

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  • Smart Transportation System Analysis

    This smart transportation system helps travelers to reduce travel times, delay, and the stress of travel so that benefit the whole transportation sector to reduce energy consumption and emission (Adler & Blue, 1998). 6.1 Real-time Transport Service Information System This real-time transport service information system is a strategy corresponding to the real-time traffic information system. In this scenario, ravelers…

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  • Tapa Industry Analysis

    Yet, the prohibitive cost of starting a microbrewery has stagnated that route. Craft beer bars offer a lower cost alternative with comparable strong interest and following from the public. The success of World of Beer franchises and Orlando’s Redlight Redlight shows the interest in this growing trend. These businesses offer more variety and choices in affordable beer drinking to people that want something different; and to people that normally would not try or drink beer due to the previous…

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  • Exemplification Essay: Arizona's Public Transportation Problem

    Arizona’s public transportation problem The State Fair in phoenix is very popular, however, I did not join it this year because I could not find a bus or metro which could take me to the fair directly. I did have other choices: spent at least 40 dollars to take a round trip or spent 3 hours on the metro and one hour to walk to get there then back home. Neither of them would be a good decision. As the sixth most populous city nationwide (“Phoenix Quick Fact” 1), compared with New York and other…

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  • Public Transportation In The United States

    instead of using public transportation system. According Rosenbloom only eight percent of older adults over the age of 65 uses the transportation system in comparison to sixty percent of older adults in the same age group that drives (2009). Some of the challenges that seniors face when using public transportation is safety concerns. For instance, older adults complain of not having even sidewalks which resulted in injuries from falling (2009). In addition, older adults complain about having…

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  • Three Types Of Public Transportation

    work may use public transportation to obtain resources within our community, I chose to visit a local hospital using the local bus system. I thought long and hard about where to go and what type of public transportation to use. I then researched the internet to find some local community resources. I also did some research about local transportation in my community. In planning for my trip, three types of public transportation came to my mind, the local bus, Dial-A-Ride and Uber. Dial-A-Ride…

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  • Sustainable Urban Transport Case Study

    SUSTAINABLE URBAN TRANSPORT SYSTEM Introduction This is a comparative study on financing sustainable urban transport systems in cities of Asia and Europe. Financing a sustainable transport system involves huge amount of capital on building new roads, modern railway, air and water transport system. Many countries have to bear the financial burden and hindrance when sourcing capitals to fund a sustainable urban transport such as new roads, light railway transport, bus routes, bus stations and…

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  • Crest Hill Essay

    Transportation is a problem in Crest Hill, Illinois. In Crest Hill, there are many variables that makes it hard for the elderly population to get around. There is no public bus system that come to Crest Hill, the nearest bus is in Joliet and it is a twenty-minute walk. There is no side walk to get to the bus stop making hard for the elderly or the disable to get there. Although there isn’t a lot of public transportation options in Crest Hill, there still is private transportation options.…

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  • Free Bus Ride Research Paper

    Bus Rides Free Of Charge What if bus rides were free of charge to anyone? This question is something some people have considered. Many people hate driving by car everywhere. Other people love to drive themselves to work. Some people cannot afford the gas to drive themselves to work or to the store. Because public transportation allows people to get to their jobs, allows older people the chance to get to stores that they need to get to, and helps gets students to school, public transportation…

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