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  • Symbolic Interaction On The Bus

    from each other, they never really interact. My initial thoughts going into the project were that I wanted to zone in on the specific actions of service workers and a William and Mary student towards each other on the bus. What was of interest to me, was the unique society that is derived from riding a bus; the public bus even though it is a public space, creates its own society and social behaviors. When a patron gets on the bus, they prescribe to the unique societal structure that is being created by the atmosphere of the bus; it is to, a person may behave…

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  • Importance Of A Party Bus

    Customers enjoy our services because we listen to what their specific needs are and we cattier to them. We also provide reasonable prices and excellent customer support. Take a journey into the services that we provide. LA Party Bus Many may be new to the idea of a party bus. Los Angeles is known for their party attenders. Our main goal is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere. On the party bus, music can be played, there are…

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  • Analysis Of Bus Rapid Transit

    so as to reduce traffic congestion and face the increased private cars ownership. Many systems have been proposed to improve the level of service of public transit. One of these systems is the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) which combines the exclusive right of way, speed and reliability of railways and the flexibility and cost saving of buses. A number of cities use road lanes that are fully dedicated to buses movements, which are known as bus-ways. Some other cities install “exclusive bus lanes”…

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  • Free Bus Rides

    Should the elderly receive free bus rides? Should the elderly receive free bus rides ? the elderly should not pay for public transport, because they are limited in their finance. Most of the elderly are retired and have no more income coming in. The only money they have left its for them to buy their food , medicine, rent etc or even maybe to go on a mini vacations. I say vacation because the money they get from retirement they should be able to enjoy it on a vacation every once in a while.…

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  • Bus Journey Essay

    street. Suddenly they spy, a lone lost boy pacing along the road looking out to find the comfort of a round sign with the sympathetic symbol of a bus. He checks his watch once composed against the sign; the soothing sigh shows relief and a shining sweating brow reflects the mottled sunlight that has travelled an epic journey from the son of the universe only to be blocked by a single half eaten leaf. The bus stop now has grown from a soldier to a garrison of people, each face exerting its own…

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  • Narrative Essay: The 51 Bus

    The 51 bus moves slowly, rumbling wearily down the road, huffing and puffing like my old Grandpa. I don't care. Its a beautiful morning- dappled sunlight streak through the leaves of the Puriri that line the road on either side, and a cloudless sky rolls overhead. I lean against the dirty window, gazing up at the large blue expanse. It blows my mind, because I feel as though there is too much beauty in that beautiful blue oblivion, endless and overwhelming. I love her, I know. Old, worn out…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Bus Accident

    I had got an uneasy feeling as I continued to walk towards the back of the bus loop. I had almost reached the end and I had not seen a single person from my bus pass by. I speed walk back to the bulletin board of buses and as I do, the crowd of students is dissipating into the busses till I am finally the last one out. I reached the board and saw my bus number was posted in the front, at the same time, I watched my bus leave the loop. I had missed my bus. Looking back at it now I am grateful I…

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  • Narrative Essay On Catching The Bus

    You give him a wink and a nod, hope to get his attention and initiate a quiet swap or a decline from the elder, all smiling, peace reigning again. Mid-morning comes and the commuters go, replaced by the real bus-people, the ones who don’t have to catch the bus, choose to, help fill the day, go from A to B, and change the view momentarily. I am one of them, forever a mark on my forehead as the testament, wearing St. Vinnies’ hand-me-downs, faces stuck to the bus window, looking at the future…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Bus Pollution

    On a sunny and beautiful day, Sally was riding home in a school bus because her mom just couldn’t get off work early enough to pick her up. She doesn’t mind though, because it’s been a pretty amazing day overall with her acing the reading test she was so worried about, finishing all her homework while waiting for the bus, and she still has plans to go to the movies later with some friends. With all the excitement she starts to daydream. Almost automatically, without thought, while getting off…

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  • Thomas Built Bus Case Study

    Company Overview: New products and new services are developed every day; however, based on the industry of my current profession in transportation the company and product selected is Thomas Built Buses and school bus designs. Thomas Built Buses originated back in 1916 in North Carolina during World War 1 as streetcar manufacturer. It wasn’t until the 1930’s when the company started actually manufacturing and developing the school bus product. It took the company until the 1960’s to actually…

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