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  • Bus Cameras

    There’s a rule where it says you can’t eat or drink on the bus,but students eat and drink all the time on the bus.If you don’t believe this you can look at the bus cameras to see how many students have done this.So there’s a problem with this rule existing because it’s like it doesn’t exist.This rule also exists for pointless reasons that will be explained later.So it’s time to change the rule or just get rid of it except there’s going to be a compromise.The no eating or drinking rule on the bus needs to be altered in a way to make both sides happy. The problem with this rule, “No eating or drinking on the bus” is that the rule has a point except it’s like it’s not even there.Students already eat on or drink on the bus all the time and you can look through the school bus cameras and see it happen.This rule needs to be changed or altered in a way that it’s there,but it’s actually a rule and it is enforced but it still needs to be altered in a way where it’s possible to eat or drink on the bus.Another problem for…

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  • The Controversy Of A Bus

    sunlight. The moist morning dew still fresh on the emerald green grass, which has been cut into neat verges like a clean shaven chin. The rigid trees stand tall and wise looking over the desolate street. Suddenly they spy, a lone lost boy pacing along the road looking out to find the comfort of a round sign with the sympathetic symbol of a bus. He checks his watch once composed against the sign; the soothing sigh shows relief and a shining sweating brow reflects the mottled sunlight that has…

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  • Analysis Of Bus Rapid Transit

    so as to reduce traffic congestion and face the increased private cars ownership. Many systems have been proposed to improve the level of service of public transit. One of these systems is the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) which combines the exclusive right of way, speed and reliability of railways and the flexibility and cost saving of buses. A number of cities use road lanes that are fully dedicated to buses movements, which are known as bus-ways. Some other cities install “exclusive bus lanes”…

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  • Free Bus Rides

    Should the elderly receive free bus rides? Should the elderly receive free bus rides ? the elderly should not pay for public transport, because they are limited in their finance. Most of the elderly are retired and have no more income coming in. The only money they have left its for them to buy their food , medicine, rent etc or even maybe to go on a mini vacations. I say vacation because the money they get from retirement they should be able to enjoy it on a vacation every once in a while.…

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  • Bus Rapid Transit: Article Analysis

    This article relates to the topic because it discusses fare evasion and smart cards on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). BRT is an enhanced bus service that offers reliable and quality service that improves travel times, service reliability, and ridership. The overall objective of BRT is to maximize transit through faster travel times than traditional fixed-route bus service. With high travel demands, there will always be fare evaders. Fare evasion usually happens during peak hours, but it can also…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Yellow Bus

    The sun shines as the yellow bus turns the corner and moves its way up the street. My mom and dad are sitting in the front seat as I am sitting in my car seat in the back. A green backpack is strapped to my shoulders. I am a tad nervous, but excited at the same time. Closer and closer comes the bus. Sun shining into the car, the door opens and I hop out onto the pavement. There are other kids waiting for the bus too. Kids that are older than I, huddle in a circle next to the red stop sign…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The End Of The School Bus

    Since the fourth grade I have woken up at 5 AM in the dark in order to get dressed and get to the bus stop for school. I stumbled off of my bed making sure not to wake up my snoring siblings and made my way to breakfast where I made myself some cold cereal. Some people would rather drink coffee in order to wake up in the morning, but I had to walk 3 miles to my bus stop. The cold clashed with my warm skin as it woke me up as if it were a type of caffeine. I was the first one there since missing…

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  • Bus Safety Argumentative Essay

    On a sunny and beautiful day, Sally was riding home in a school bus because her mom just couldn’t get off work early enough to pick her up. She doesn’t mind though, because it’s been a pretty amazing day overall with her acing the reading test she was so worried about, finishing all her homework while waiting for the bus, and she still has plans to go to the movies later with some friends. With all the excitement she starts to daydream. Almost automatically, without thought, while getting off…

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  • Mega Bus Case Study

    Mega Bus have quit a few advantages for a company that recently entered into the market. Mega bus has learnt from past mistakes of other companies that have been operating in the US transport industry. A feasibility study carried out reveled possible sources of these failures. For any business entering a new market, it is easy to avoid doing things that other companies have done to land them into problems. For example, Mega bus has been able to analyze the events that led to companies like…

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  • A Seat On The Bus Analysis

    A Seat on the Bus Power is a central dynamic in the writing of history. It influences the content of this history we know and the way it is delivered. Power dictates what is taught and what is silenced, what is available and what is erased (Martin & Nakayama, 2010). In 1955, the American South was run by strict laws called “Jim Crow”. These state and local laws enforced a system of white supremacy that discriminated against citizens of color in the southern United States. Jim Crow mandated…

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