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  • Reflection About My Business Class

    Throughout this class I have learned many skills that I can take with me throughout my business career. I believe the ultimate goal of this class was to essentially aid my classmates and I in getting a job and how to properly act in a business environment. These skills I have learned have ultimately made me a more respectable candidate when it came to applying for a job as well as giving me a different perspective regarding the business world as a whole. Throughout this class we have had many projects relating to basically all the obstacles students have regarding acquiring an internship or a full time job. First I was taught about the 30-second elevator speech, and then I was shown how to have a more professional resume, cover letter, and…

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  • Business Ethics Class Analysis

    Before taking this class, I knew ethics was an important factor when doing business in addition to one’s personal life. Living morally was always something I take pride in. Taking this class has expanded my understanding to the layers of what it means to be ethically moral. Now in the last week of this class, I believe a company/organization’s foundation should be built off being ethically moral. Week to week, the journal entries helped me realize what stood out about that certain week. Week…

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  • Business Law Class Analysis

    This past semester I signed up to take this interesting yet challenging Business Law class. Every class that I attended was a new and true learning experience; I learned about Business Law terms, real world examples, and thoroughly enjoyed each class lecture. Throughout the rest of this paper I want to explain my perspective of this class and the benefits it reflects to its college students, and my beliefs and opinions with controversial topics. I have learned so much from this class and…

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  • Global Business And Society Class Analysis

    So far I have taken the Global Business and Society class and this one and I feel like they both complement each other and there are, in fact, topics that are expanded in the International Business and Cross-Cultural Communications course. I am glad that I took this class because it made me understand what I was going through when I was abroad for the first time. The material covered has given me the necessary tools to use for further encounters with people from different cultures. One of the…

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  • Warren Buffett Business Rhetoric Class

    September is a month of new beginnings; a new year, well into the year. Adults and students alike feel a sense of rejuvenation as they embark on a new cycle of learning and challenges. I thought I would take the opportunity to pass on a few points of importance as we begin cocooning at our desks in long hours of darkness. This past summer I took the opportunity to present a case study on the incomparable Warren Buffett for Havard University's Business Rhetoric Class. Aside from his impressive…

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  • Harvard Business Class 8 Reflection Questions

    Class 8 Reflection Questions **Note: I was a SELLER today I followed the objection handling stage in addition to the investigation stage (asking questions) to get the information I needed. The buyer was not forthcoming with any objections during my initial questioning. I had prepared my questions to get the buyer themselves to tell me what they wanted, what they valued, and how they viewed our product. Since they did not add any information that I did not already knew I moved on to…

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  • Electrolux Business Strategy

    2010, p. 309). In doing so, a business can effectively situate itself to increase both its customer satisfaction as…

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  • Marketing Reflection Paper

    There is a misunderstanding about Marketing. This class has help me clearly understand the field of Marketing. I learned the primary function of Marketing is Product, Place, Price and Promotion. If I explain marketing I would say, Marketing is a smorgasbord, entailing a number of ingredients. Marketing is many facets involved and is operated by a number of people. This course was a new experience for me, so I tried listening closely to the instructor. Ms. Wallace made learning fun, and…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Business Management Major

    I am a Business Management major so math is a key factor in what i would do on a daily basis. For example my major is Business Management but what i hope to do with that major is be knowledgeable enough to start my own company. My major is there to prepare me to do so and owning your own company means i better be good at numbers because it is all numbers. Management is knowing what price margins to set things at knowing when the best times to invest in things, being able to handle your debt and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Time At Lakeshore Technical College

    Lakeshore Technical College had to offer. While looking over the many programs that are offered, the accounting program intrigued me the most. The program outcomes are: processing financial transactions throughout the accounting cycle, analyze financial and business information, perform payroll tasks, learn to handle accounting costs and its implications, perform business and private tax preparation, and identify internal controls to reduce risk. Finally, more than ever, I’m excited to share the…

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