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  • Statement Of HKUST Business School MBA Program

    "I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.” by Abraham Lincoln. That is what I believe and what makes me become the best candidate of the HKUST Business School MBA program. I want to have my own business. In Hong Kong, a bachelor’s degree is enough to have a well-paid job, even my parents suggest me to work after I have a bachelor’s degree for understanding how a company holder runs a company. However, I have a strong desire of having knowledges that could make me to success, such as human resource management, product branding skills, marketing research and analyze, etc.. It will take me about sixteen month, and I may walk a little bit slower, but it is always worth to do. I believe the HKUST Business School MBA program could help me to develop…

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  • Essay On Ethical Issues In Business School

    Recall to the first few years you’ve just graduated from the business school. Now, recall the first time you had to face an ethical issue right in the heart of your job in the actual setting of the business world. As you walk through the memories of how you dealt this ethical situation, can you recall any teachings that the business school has taught you? According to research, there is apparent reason to believe that current business schools have failed students in full preparation of…

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  • Reflective Essay: Kelley School Of Business

    I was in 10th grade and in my second year at one of the most prestigious college prep schools in the county; but I was miserable. I chose to attend this school because it impressed my parents and other adults, but I never considered whether the school was right for me. In 9th grade, I focused on my work and did not allow myself to feel the effects of the cold and unforgiving environment. However, in 10th grade my lack of connection to peers and teachers at the school became undeniable. I tried…

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  • Saturday Art School Business Analysis

    Whilst producing Figure 2, I discovered several key connections that I believe are significant. I think the demand for a local art club is the result of two factors. First, it was clear to me that political decisions around educational reform and the current curriculum have resulted in the decline of arts learning in schools (Neelands et al., 2015, p.44-45). Indirectly this has left a gap in the market and therefore customers (the majority of them being parents) who rate creative vocational…

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  • Sea Pearl Swim School Business Plan

    Educate ‘kiddos’ about water safety is my passion. I’m a daughter of a scuba diving instructor and a certified swim instructor. I would like to open a business focused in aquatic activities such as swim classes and scuba diving lessons. This facility will provide affordable services to all families. Sea Pearl Swim School is designated to provide multi aquatic activities and will be open five days a week. All classes are designed to start with water safety lessons to children and adults who have…

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  • South Umpqua School Business Case Study

    The South Umpqua School District unites three distinct communities of Canyonville, Tri City and Myrtle Creek into one school district. The district is comprised of 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and one high school. In total the district services 2,713 students. It is a rural cluster of communities located 30 minutes south of Roseburg, Oregon. The area has struggled with high poverty rates and drug use. The largest employers in the area are the local lumber mills and casino. Due to these…

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  • Wharton Business School Essay

    (2) Wharton Business School : The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, a private Ivy League university located in Philadelphia. Wharton was established in 1881 through a donation from Joseph Wharton. Wharton is widely regarded as one of the world's top institutions for business education. In 2014-2015, the U.S. News & World Report ranked Wharton's undergraduate program first, MBA program first, and executive MBA program also…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: Fox Business School

    The way Fox Business School treats its shareholders is therefore defined by its main motivating factor, money or education. Instead of providing financial returns to its shareholders and stakeholders, Fox Business School operates to serve student’s interests by providing them a quality learning environment. As a non-profit organization, the motivating factor is therefore students’ career success instead of to make profit through education. In fact, the university should not base its priorities…

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  • Burdick Hotspot: School Business Plan

    Our company is named Burdick HotSpot. We have a various amount of clothing and utilities for our school apparel. You can contact us by a cellular device (414) 294-1200 or you could come on down and visit us at our school located at 4348 S. Griffin Ave. Our logo is displayed above. Our business is one of the finest of them all. We have many products such as waterbottles ($6.00), sweat-shirts ($25.00, T-shirts ($15.00), sweatpants ($10.00), and pull string back-packs ($10.00). We are choosing to…

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  • Sloan Business School Case Study

    Read the MIT Sloan Business School case: Should you build strategy like you build software Compare the case with what is written in the book, how are they similar? How are they different? What is the advantage/disadvantage of each? Software Development Software development is a discipline that all relate directly to the progress, improvements in productivity, and a lot of smart people working hard and generating significant benefits for businesses and society. But at the same time we note that…

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