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  • BUM-A-RIDE Case Study Solution

    BUM-A-RIDE’s business structure can essentially be divided into three basic disciplines: Supply, demand and evaluation. The supply function of BUM-A-RIDE is the business associated with acquiring the transportation, including fundraising, accounting, purchasing tickets and bus vouchers, and networking with transportation companies to find new forms of assistance available to our clients. The demand function is simply focused on finding those in need, encouraging them to take advantage of our service, performing our needs assessment, and finally providing them with the best suited form of transportation to meet their requirements. And lastly, the most important aspect of what BUM-A-RIDE does is our evaluation function. Here is where we focus on the impact we are making both to the individual and to the community. Our first year of operation is starting with a focus on building a solid footing. BUM-A-RIDE has built a business plan and done market research to ensure the perceived opportunity is in fact real and needed. We are currently working on establishing our supply discipline and securing finances to be able to provide the level of service we are expecting to see. We have communicated with RT transit in Sacramento to establish a fee schedule for our clients. Additionally we have engaged local homeless programs and developed a list of available resources in the area. These resources will be what we use when evaluating the needs of our potential clients and figuring out…

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  • Homelessness In America Essay

    It is not an unusual for New York residents and people across the America to encounter number of homeless people sleeping on pieces of card box with plastic cover in the street asking for a change. Some of them yelling insanely at random people, some are sleeping with a stress wrinkle on their face and some are just sitting there and staring. These homeless people did not choose to become homeless. These people were born to a family and lived with family before they ended up on the street. So,…

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  • Extinction Of Homelessness

    The Extinction of Homelessness As 2016 begin to come to an end. Most families in America are focusing on the presidential election, planning year end events or even establishing resolutions for the new year. While the invisible part of most cities population is faced with regular pivotal decision. How will I survive a brutal winter without proper housing? On the surface this may appear to be an uncomplicated matter, to the casual, but it is genuinely a painstakingly complicated matter.…

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  • Homeless Case Summary

    During this rating period, Zhenya Gezalyan continued her assignment as a GAIN Services Worker (GSW) in the Homeless Case Management Program Unit at the Southwest Family CalWORKs district. She performed the duties of a Homeless Case Manager (HCM) under the supervision of the rater, Terry McKinney. While under Ms. McKinney’s supervision, Ms. Gezalyan was primarily responsible for assessing the needs of homeless and at-risk of being homeless families applying for/or already receiving CalWORKs,…

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  • Homeless People Documentary Analysis

    Prior to the documentary workshops, I initially felt that all homeless people were on the streets because they had done something unacceptable and ‘deserved’ to be there, such as alcohol abuse or drug addiction, and when passing them on the street I would not really care about their situation because I had been taught as a child to stay away from strangers, so I chose to stay clear of them. When I was told that the drama workshop was about homelessness, I was a bit disappointed because I was…

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  • Homelessness Case Study

    Homelessness is a very serious issue not only in our area, but all over the United States. According to statistics, there are approximately 578,424 individuals that are experiencing homelessness(National Alliance to End Homelessness). This epidemic, so to speak, is so widespread that it reaches into every state and impacts every community. In most cases, the people who are homeless cannot help that they are without a home. The circumstances of the homeless individual’s position could be that…

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  • Descriptive Essay On The House On Mango Street

    sweat trickling down my back, making me squirm in discomfort. The restaurants and bars were pretty empty, and the street felt just a little desolate. The walk to Cineleisure suddenly became painfully long with the sun mercilessly shining on me. As the sun dipped beneath the skyline, everything came alive. The flock of birds spread their wings and soared high above the sky, cooing as they flew past, taunting the humans. The people all stood by the traffic light, chattering as they waited for the…

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  • Difference Between Universal Studio And Disneyland

    Costumes is one of the examples. In order to act in concert with the theme park, it is creative to dress up the staffs as characters in the movie. Moreover, there are characters walk around the park for busking or photographing with visitors. Souvenir stores are important sources of income in the amusement park, so that the successful amusement parks have the same strategy is not surprising. Souvenir stores are usually located on the entrance of the park or the exit of the rides. The former…

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