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  • Classified Boards

    Classified boards may be effected through provisions in a corporation’s certificate of incorporation or in a corporation’s bylaws. Effecting a classified board in the certificate of incorporation maximizes protection to the board because it is more difficult to remove the classified board provision and declassify the board effected in a charter than in a corporation’s bylaws . If a corporation’s certificate of incorporation contains a provision classifying the board of directors, declassification cannot be done by stockholder vote alone because declassification will require an amendment to the certificate of incorporation. Amendments to a certificate of incorporation require action by both the board of directors and the stockholders. See.…

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  • West Sacramento Soccer Case Study

    Sacramento Soccer bylaws with the rest of the community. A few dedicated community members and I have looked over the bylaws and discovered some potential issues that requires your immediate attention. Mr. Savala, State laws require the board of directors to act in the best interest of the organization and its members. Part of that responsibility is managing the affairs of the business according to certain legal standards. Once a director takes a seat on the board, he has various duties as the…

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  • Nomination Electoral Process

    Nomination and Election Process The basic procedure to be followed by chapters of Kappa Kappa Gamma in the nomination and election of chapter officers is found in: – Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Bylaws (in the Article entitled “Chapter Organization and Management”), Standing Rules and Policies. – Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. Outlined procedure, suggested options, and answers to questions included in this booklet are based upon the suggestions, requirements and rules of…

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  • Longmeadow Homeowners

    obligations as Longmeadow residential condominium owners are set forth in the Master Deed/Bylaws, which each member accepted upon purchasing property in Longmeadow. Article V, Section 2 of the Master Deed/Bylaws grant the Longmeadow Board of Directors authorization to enforce the Master Deed/Bylaws and Rules and Regulations duly enacted by the Board of Directors. To the degree that we as residential condominium owners observe these obligations, our living together in Longmeadow will be…

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  • Secondary Legislation Essay

    delegated legislation; By-laws (sometimes known as byelaws), Order in Council and Statutory Instruments. Each of these methods differ considerably, and each benefits the English law making system. These statutory mechanisms allow Parliament to make a new or altered Law without passing a new Act to do so, meaning the process saves time and resources. Bylaws are made by Local authorities such as councils or railway networks, or can be made by public bodies, such as Universities. Accordingly,…

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  • Case Study: The Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Staff

    1.Good Samaritan Hospital Medical staff bylaws 2. Purpose: The Good Samaritan Hospital medical staff bylaws was lastly revised on 2015. The main purpose of the medical staff is to provide the hospital service receive care at a level of the quality and efficiency consistent with generally accepted standards of care attainable within the hospital means and circumstances. Providing a leadership role in the hospital, organizing and supporting professional education and community health education…

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  • Why Should College Athletes Be Paid?

    are plenty of things the NCAA can do to help out the athletes more. The first question that is always talked about around paying college athletes is, “Why isn’t the NCAA paying college athletes especially football and basketball teams?” This question comes up a lot during March Madness, a basketball tournament that lasts three weeks. According to Michael Wilbon, an ESPN commentator, and former sportswriter, during these three weeks, “the NCAA makes close to one billion dollars”. Even though…

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  • The Importance Of Academic Honesty

    Academic honesty is a cornerstone of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) student-athlete model. It is based upon the view that student-athletes will satisfy and meet the same academic standards as their non-athlete students. Unfortunately, academic fraud continues to be an ongoing problem on a majority of NCAA campuses. Student-athletes are student’s first, athletes second. There should be no special treatment for these students just because they play a particular sport. In…

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  • Election Night Selection

    outlined above. 4. If the chapter wishes to discuss the qualifications of the nominees, it is recommended that it be done at the meeting when the slate is presented. However, the specific format for this discussion must be determined by the chapter and included in chapter Bylaws. (See Discussion of Qualifications.) – All nominees shall be added to the slate unless they withdraw their names from consideration. A member does not need to withdraw her name from the slate if she is nominated…

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  • Guth V. Loft Inc. Case Study

    Bylaws include corporate procedures and illustrate the powers of shareholders, officers and board of directors (Moran, 1994, p.443). Since bylaws do not have to be filed by the Secretary of State, they can be easily amended and enforced as soon as approval if passed by the board of directors (Sullivan, 2016). The first step to amending bylaws would be to conduct a meeting to inform the board of directors of the purpose, specific changes and procedures concerning the amending process (Sullivan,…

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