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  • Essay On Fraternities And Sororities Should Be Banned

    the Question How would banning fraternities and sororities impact the students? Is racism, hazing, and derogatory acts not reason enough for Universities to ban fraternities and sororities? In my opinion, no all fraternities/sororities should not be banned because it is only few that are partaking in such activities. As you know not all organizations have the same morals and standards. Knowing that, I feel as if the student body would be largely effected if campuses were to ban all organizations. One example is University of Oklahoma has 25 fraternities and 17 sororities however only a few of them have been caught participating in misconduct ( One of the few organizations is Sigma Alpha Epsilon…

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  • Essay On Fraternity And Sorority Alcohol Use

    Greek life on campus is an aspect of upper education that is publicized often, many proclaiming the social and educational benefits of living with your peers, but has a significant amount of negative stigma attached to it. Although the tales told of fraternities and sororities are sometimes exaggerated, there are many more cases where Greek life organizations have garnered copious amounts of attention for controversial behavior. In Fraternity and Sorority Alcohol Use: Does Race Matter?, Michael…

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  • Sorority And Fraternity Or Fraternity

    Do Sorority and Fraternity Members have Lower Rates of Depression? Major Depression can be defined as having a perpetual feeling of sadness and loss of interest. A lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and not enough exercise make up a recipe for depression among college students. The stress that comes with academia — including pressure to get good grades, financial worries, failed relationships and conflicts with roommates — are enough to force some students to leave college or worse. The…

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  • Sororities And Fraternities Essay

    involvement in Sororities and Fraternities as the pressing issue. The topic has garnered more than enough media attention lately, especially in regards to how being affiliated in Greek Life negatively impacts the individual both physically and mentally. Particularly, how these organizations can enable environments for issues such as substance abuse, discrimination, and the additional effects on cognitive development and self-esteem. With all of these factors in mind, the controversy over whether…

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  • Essay On Greek Life

    enforces a rule that only allows first year students to join Greek Life in the Spring semester. Once students return to American and begin their spring semester, many will have to weigh the option of joining Greek Life. In recent years, Greek Life has been given a stereotype of partying, drinking, sexual violence, and hazing. This may deter some students from deciding to “go Greek” and join a fraternity or sorority. In actuality, Greek life…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Hazing And Drinking

    “Why do so many young people literally die to belong to fraternities, sororities, and other college social organizations? The answer is complicated, but here is a starting point: Ever since the medieval universities were founded, young people have done whatever it takes to gain acceptance, to break with their past lives, to achieve a sense of power, to carve out a society of their own that isn 't quite what their tutors and teachers had in mind. In the United States, hazing and drinking have…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Greek Life

    that say that fraternity members are three times more likely to commit rape than other students, among others. Opponents of Greek life – such as my colleague Aram Ghoogasian – use stats like these to call for the abolition of Greek life altogether. Ghoogasian is right that this is a big issue, and as a member of Greek life, it’s one I take seriously. However, because of these alarming statistics, many misinterpret the root of the sexual assault problem. In reality, the issue starts before…

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  • My Decision To Join A Sorority

    What was your opinion on Greek Life before you joined your sorority? I thought Greek Life was very fake. The girls seemed to want to be trophy wives, etc. The picture I got was a lot of drinking, hazing, and mean girls. What made you decide to join a sorority? Part of me had always wondered if the stereotype was true, and a lot of my friends from high school were now sorority women. When I met some of the girls who are now my sisters, I really enjoyed talking to them. They made me feel like not…

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  • Greek Rape Myths

    National Institute of Justice reports that sorority membership is an extreme risk factor for sexual assault. Research has also proven that Fraternity houses, where most sororities hang out in their free time, are extremely dangerous for women. Studies also support the claims that Fraternity men are three times more likely to commit rape than a man who is not Greek. The rate of sexual assault among sorority women is at least 40%, an all time high, and over four times the average rate of 7% for…

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  • The History Of Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

    Growing up, many of us have obtained some knowledge on greek-letter organizations somehow. Whether we have all seen movies about colleges that are fraternity and sorority based or through social media. They’ve given us a little insight on the college life and if you’re like me, these moves have gotten you inspired and excited for college. They’ve shown us the crazy parties, the popularity, the step battles, and the harsh hazing as well. Even though we see an abundance of what goes on in these…

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