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  • Amelia Earhart's Influence On Young Women

    She eventually chose Fred Noonan to be her navigator to come along on the voyage. Amelia had a plane built in Burbank, California for her trip. She named her new airplane the Electra. Amelia’s first attempt on March 17, 1937, was not successful. There were many technical problems with the plane, so it needed to be stopped and repaired in Hawaii immediately. When the plane tried to take off again, it crashed and had to be shipped back to America for repairs. The second attempt of the journey was more successful than the first attempt. The flight went well until they reached the Nukumanu Islands, which was the last known location of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. Also, during the trip, most of the radio equipment on the Electra did not have the strength to communicate the Electra’s location. Amelia and Fred disappeared before they could get to their next stop, Howland Island. There are many theories about what happened to Amelia, but even today nobody knows what happened to her and the…

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  • Informative Speech Outline On Amelia Earhart

    alone.” Amelia Earhart was a woman who accomplished a lot of “Firsts.” c. Amelia, now gaining fame and getting nicknames like “Queen of the Air” and “Lady Lindy”, is preparing to take on the plane on her own and set records. i. Records were meant to be broken, knowing this, Amelia was on her way to becoming the most famous female flying of all time. 1. Amelia set a women’s altitude world record by flying to a height of 14,000 feet in 1921. 2. She set an autogyro altitude record by taking it to…

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  • Research Paper On Amelia Earhart

    What do you think happened to Amelia Earhart? Millions of people know the famous aviator, Amelia Earhart. But not so many people know how she died. There are multiple assumptions for what happened to Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan. Her first flight, in 1920 was the start of something huge. She began flying many places, like across the Atlantic to Britain, and from Hawaii to the US Mainland. These flights were the many things that made her famous. Not so long after, she had bigger…

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  • How Did Amelia Earhart Start

    became the first person to fly solo across the Pacific from Honolulu to Oakland, California. Chilled during a 2,408-mile flight, she unpacked a thermos of hot chocolate. "Indeed," she murmured, "that was the most interesting cup of hot chocolate I have ever had, sitting up eight thousand feet over the middle of Pacific Ocean quite alone." Later that year, she was the first to solo from Mexico City to Newark. In 1937, Earhart neared her 40th birthday. She was ready for her greatest, and…

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  • Amelia Earhart's Role In The Aviation Industry

    Who set many records in the beginning of the aviation industry or was a role model to many men and women in the early nineteen hundreds? Who fought for women’s rights in the aviation field? If you haven’t come up with the answer yet, it’s Amelia Earhart. Amelia was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas and died around the day of July 2, 1937. Amelia Earhart is one of the most significant figures in the twentieth century because of her role in women’s rights, the records she set in her…

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  • What Is Sally Ride Courageous

    INTRODUCTION Why is Sally Ride one of the most courageous people to ever live? Sally Ride was courageous because she was able to show Perseverance, Excellence, and Respect in and out of her job . Although Sally Ride wasn’t the first American in space, she showed excellence and still achieved her dreams and was the first woman and youngest woman to ever go to space. Perseverance First, Sally Ride was a courageous person because she showed a lot of perseverance.Sally Ride showed a lot of…

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  • Amelia Earhart Accomplishments

    Courage is the price that life wants for granting peace” This is one of Amelia Earhart’s quotes. Amelia had proven many things in her lifetime and had affected many people in her life. She was the first woman to fly across the atlantic ocean in 1932. These are some of the many things that makes up her life and have proven her to be one of the most influential person in the world. Amelia Earhart had made many accomplishments during her lifetime. One example would be that she was the first woman…

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  • Amelia Earhart Timeline

    Amelia Earhart Timeline She was born on July 24, 1897 From Atchison, Kansas. On 25th birthday she bought a new biplane and painted it yellow. Jan 3rd 1921 Flying lessons Oct 1922 First woman to fly to 1400 ft May 15th 1923 Pilot Licence (License No. 6017)1 of 16 women to have one, First woman to fly at 1300ft 1927 500 unaccompanied flight hrs Aug 1928 first women to fly across North America and back Aug 1928 Proposed to by George P Putnam who helped plan and promote her trans-Atlantic…

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  • Gender Role In The Short Story 'Bangana'

    The short story “Bangana” (2014) by CJ Hauser deals with drone pilot, mother of one and wife Alicia Brennan. The inner monologue spans over about a week of Alicia’s life as both a mom, wife and drone pilot in the army. The main theme explored in this short story is gender roles. Our protagonist Alicia indirectly battles the traditional household gender roles, with her working as a drone pilot for the army against the middle east and Daddio, who’s a farmer living as the head of his family in…

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  • Elsie Macgill: The 'Mother Of Hurricanes'

    In the 1940’s, seeing a woman with a degree was an amazing sight, but having a degree in a field that was overrun by men, that was unheard of, at least, until Elsie MacGill came along. Elsie MacGill was the first woman to get a degree in aeronautical engineering, and she graduated from the University Of Toronto, the University Of Michigan, and the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology with her bachelors degree. Many people believe that she was recognized for her accomplishments, though others…

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