Amelia Earhart's Influence On Young Women

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Amelia Earhart was an amazing person and still inspires young girls all around the world today. She was daring, fearless, and extremely brave. Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone. Amelia was an incredible person, and she did many things that no other women of her time period has ever done before. Amelia Earhart is one of the most famous and successful women in the 1900s. Amelia was born July 24, 1897, in her hometown of Atchison, Kansas. Two years later, Amelia’s sister Muriel was born. Amelia’s parents, Amy and Edwin Earhart, did not get along very well. Amelia’s mother Amy came from a very rich family, so she was used to living life in luxury. Unfortunately, Edwin’s job did not supply the family …show more content…
She eventually chose Fred Noonan to be her navigator to come along on the voyage. Amelia had a plane built in Burbank, California for her trip. She named her new airplane the Electra. Amelia’s first attempt on March 17, 1937, was not successful. There were many technical problems with the plane, so it needed to be stopped and repaired in Hawaii immediately. When the plane tried to take off again, it crashed and had to be shipped back to America for repairs.
The second attempt of the journey was more successful than the first attempt. The flight went well until they reached the Nukumanu Islands, which was the last known location of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. Also, during the trip, most of the radio equipment on the Electra did not have the strength to communicate the Electra’s location. Amelia and Fred disappeared before they could get to their next stop, Howland Island. There are many theories about what happened to Amelia, but even today nobody knows what happened to her and the
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One hypothesis is called the Gardner Island Theory. This theory suggests that Amelia and Fred could not find Howland Island, so they started looking for other islands that they could land on. There are many other theories like this one, but on other islands and with different evidence. Another idea is that Amelia and Fred were taken by Japanese forces and were captured, maybe even killed. There have been many people that claimed that they saw an American man and woman taken and killed in Japan. Other people also think that the Electra was shot down by the Japanese. Finally, one of the most popular theories is that Amelia survived the flight, and took on another identity as Irene Bolam, and moved to New Jersey. Reporters saw many similarities between Amelia and Irene, but still, nobody knows the truth about what happened to Amelia. She was officially claimed to be dead January, 5,

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