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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Columbian Exchange

    Exchange really changed the way of life in both the New World and the Old World. The people of both worlds encountered plants and animals that they have never seen before. The plants and animals that crossed the Atlantic Ocean benefitted both worlds by providing new foods and new modes of transportation. The Columbian exchange also had negative impacts that affected mostly the…

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  • Informative Speech On The Bermuda Triangle

    gas trapped in different layers of the sea floor to form deep ocean craters as well. c. It would be virtually inaccessible to find out the planes and ships that have sunk into these deep trenches explaining the disappearances without leaving any trace. 6. There are many islands located near the Bermuda Triangle leading to confusions in directions of the sailors journey, human error might be a cause to the disappearances as well. 7. The Bermuda Triangle have to face frequent short lived…

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  • Hurricanes Essay

    A hurricane, by definition, is a tropical cyclone with strong winds spiraling inward and upward and speeds ranging from 75 mph to 200 mph. Hurricanes emerge from the Atlantic basin, which consists of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, the northeastern Pacific Ocean, and, less often, the central north Pacific Ocean. Most hurricanes follow a similar cycle of development. Some may run their course in as little as a day or as long as a month. They weaken and are transformed into…

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  • How Did China Discover America

    I feel that China discovered America. I believe China found America because of their cartography showing the Americas before any other nation was close to discovering it. China, therefore, had scouts and cartographers researching the landscape of North and South America. Statues and walls were also found showing Chinese materials as well as sunken junks (Chinese boats). Due to the location of these ships and artifacts, China must have been all over America, from Atlantic to Pacific. The Junks…

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  • Ordovician Argumentative Essay

    After the earth is recovering from the past era called permian, vegetation returns, and temperatures stay constant longer. There are new species since there was ninety five percent of the species that was wiped out, so this opened up new species. These are called the dinosaurs, and they are huge but they go really slow. Now the earth 's plates are moving again, and they are splitting the earth 's pangea in two again. This causes a kasium the fills with a new ocean that one day will be the middle…

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  • Christopher Columbus's Voyages Impact On The World

    mix in ways that they had not before and change the course of world history. Not much is known about Christopher Columbus prior to 1492. It is believed that he was born in 1451 to merchant parents in northern Italy. Columbus lacked a “formal education” and his geography and navigational skills were largely self-taught. Despite his lack of education, Columbus became a skilled navigator, sailor, and geographer. In addition to being a skilled seaman, Christopher Columbus was also a devoutly…

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  • Natural Disasters Of Hurricane Katrina

    been deposited out into sea from the Mississippi river. This marsh land acted as a natural barrier from hurricanes allowing natural vegetation to act as a wind break to protect people and property inland and the marsh also acted like a giant sponge. This would compensate for all the water that would blow onto land during the hurricanes. The area that New Orleans is sitting on today was unbuildable until the early 1900 hundreds when there was means to pump that water out of the marsh land. This…

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  • Who Discovered The Americas Essay

    Who discovered the Americas? When people are asked this question they respond, “In fourteen hundred ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Is this the correct answer? Most people would say yes although, the evidence points toward the Chinese discovering the Americas. I believe that the Chinese discovered the Americas before Christopher Columbus. A hundred years before Columbus discovered the Americas, China was in their golden age of science and math. China was doing so well that they…

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  • Christopher Columbus 1492 Reaction Paper

    a Western voyages. In addition, the years of colonization following 1492, which were sparked by Nicolás de Ovando, create a significant time period in which the sole event of Columbus 's contact played a small role. Advances and voyages before Columbus paved the way for the seemingly momentous journey of 1492. It is often forgotten that Columbus was not the first to travel across the Atlantic Ocean. In the year 1000 the Vikings made the trip from Greenland to Newfoundland, across the Northern…

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  • Transatlantic Migration In The 1500s

    Throughout the 1641- 1760 France, Netherland, Portugal, Britain and Spain came across the Atlantic Ocean hoping for wealth and escape religious issues. America Middle colonies during the 1641- 1760 was a diverse colony it was home to many ethnic background, language and religious, this will create a “Melting pot where people blended together to form a common America community” ( As you notice on the chart that Britain was the most populated people in America and had more slave…

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