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  • Atlantic Ocean Overfishing

    government does not pay attention to overfishing and doesn't put a limit on fishing. An example is the Canadian government, the Canadian Cod Fishery in the…

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  • Cod Fish History

    The cod fish has become a major topic of conversation across multiple reaches of different conversation. The once vastly abundant cod fish has dwindled in numbers. The impacts of the depleted cod populations have had great impacts on worldwide economies and ecological systems. It is important to acknowledge how we came to be in such a situation and how our past actions in regards to cod fish will shape our present and future actions. The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief chronological…

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  • A Cold And Windy Day

    On a cold and windy day Robert James an Oysterman and resident of lower Terrebonne Parish, was devastated when he arrived at his workplace. He went to dredge the oyster beds to make some money for upcoming bills and came to a conclusion that someone had illegally fished his beds. Many people in lower Terrebonne Parish depend on commercial fishing to make a living. Robert paid for his lease to fish the oyster beds and someone else basically took his paycheck from him. When people commit illegal…

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  • 6 Pros And Cons Of Overfishing

    realized just 2 percent of potential revenues because decades of overfishing.” They go on and explain how “this additional income could have been earned had these fish populations not been subject to years of overfishing that results in their current depleted condition.” Conservation and Management Act (MSA) with bipartisan requirements want to create science- based catch limits to end overfishing and replenish deplete fish populations. The economic debate about fisheries management has mostly…

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  • Commercial Fishing Research Paper

    In the mid 1900s, the demand for protein-rich foods substantially increased. Salted and pickled herring were two dishes that greatly rose in popularity in these decades [4]. In Alaska, herring harvests netted profits up to $65 million for 140 million pounds of herring in only one year. Fisheries have broken the harvesting process down to a science by mapping the species’ migration patterns and timing their harvesting seasons to line up with the herrings’ breeding season. These methods help the…

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  • Research Paper On Alaskan Fishing

    Alaska has an interesting history with fishing, from even before it became a state, when it was acquired by the United States from Russia in 1867 (Naske 1994). Gold miners, whalers, and fishermen were some of the first Americans to move northward to Alaska for natural resources riches. Since the late 1880s, commercial fishing has been an important part of the Alaskan culture and economy (Sechrist & Rutz). In the early 1940s, when Alaska was still a territory, the United States joined WW II. The…

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  • Genetically Modified Fish In Aquaculture

    Now in the 21st century, fish is becoming the world’s largest wild food source. Fish are a very important and highly consumed resource for the majority of the world, but in the wild, it is in limited supply. With commercial fishing increasing higher and higher yields of fish, the supply of available fish is becoming increasingly low. Fishing grounds that once used to be thriving with stocks of fish are becoming an expended resource. “Fish consumption increased by 31% from 1990 to 1997 but the…

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  • The Dangers Of Overfishing In America

    day that the United States was founded to today. In 2009, Americans consumed a total of 2.8 billion pounds of seafood, or approximately 15.8 pounds of fish and shellfish per person a year (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The United States today, with a population of 318.9 million and only increasing, the demand for seafood has never been greater (United States Census Bureau). Subsequently, fishermen are catching more and more fish from the oceans due to many ocean fisheries…

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  • Environmental Issues In Alaska

    traditions (Mathis et al., 2014). Mathis et al., concluded that Alaska fisheries are extremely vulnerable to the effects from OA in the region’s four seas that ring Alaska--the Chukchi, Beaufort, Bering, and Gulf of Alaska (See Appendix A, Image 1) (Mathis et al., 2014). Alaska’s fishing industry currently supports more than 100,000 jobs and generates over $5.8 billion in annual revenues while contributing to the balance of trade in the U.S. (Mathis, et al., 2014). Southeast Alaska was…

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  • Film Analysis: The Pebble Mine

    In the Alaskan Gold movie the fishermen and the miners were debating over weather they should leave the ecosystem for the salmon to spawn in or mine the land. This is an important economic issue because the mines could bring in a lot of money in revenue but it also could destroy the salmons spawning streams. I believe that the land should be used for mining for many reasons, but especially because it would be the largest containment of gold and copper in North America, and because of the money…

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