Bermuda Triangle

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  • Bermuda Triangle Theory

    Background Knowledge About the Bermuda Triangle There are many mysterious phenomenons in our world that we simply cannot explain. The Bermuda Triangle is an area where the waves change quickly and unpredictably. It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. There have been many incidents of missing ships and planes considering it is a frequently traveled area, mostly used for shipping. Many have related these disappearances to paranormal activity and a higher unknown power. This has raised many eyebrows over the years since there has not yet been a logical explanation behind this mysterious part of the ocean. The Theories Explaining the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle There have been many…

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  • Theories Of The Bermuda Triangle

    many planes and ships have randomly disappeared, and all in the same area - the Bermuda Triangle. One of the biggest disappearances includes Flight MH370. Many have speculated about the cause, or causes. Some of the causes are supernatural, including aliens, Atlantis death rays, and large, giant sea monsters, like krakens. Other theories are completely natural, like methane crystals, large waves, and human stupidity. Most have settled for the theory of methane crystals and rogue and tidal waves.…

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  • The Bermuda Triangle: The Conspiracy

    The Bermuda Triangle The Conspiracy By Damon Scott II Ever since the Columbus incident,when Columbus went to explore in 1492,his compass wasn’t working and now he started to panic because he didn’t know where he was, then his crew panicked and somehow ended up back where they were. Edward Van Winkle, claims that strange things are happening, but Larry Kusche thinks a lot different. Edward Van Winkle claims that pirates control the Bermuda Triangle waters or Atlantis’s energy floor from the…

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  • The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

    The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Throughout time the Bermuda Triangle has been home to several different disappearances. Ships, planes, and people have all gone missing in this odd area. Mystery arose starting as early as the 1800s. Some believe in different theories as to why there have been so many disappearances such as hexagonal clouds acting as air bombs, a strange ocean floor, and erratic weather conditions but, nothing proves to be the answer to these peculiar occurrences. The mystery of…

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  • The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

    Known as one of the strangest places on earth, the Bermuda Triangle holds many mysteries that go unexplained. Nicknamed the ‘Devil 's Triangle”, the Bermuda Triangle got its name from being located in the center of three islands that form the shape of a triangle. There have been over thousands of ship and plane disappearances, like the disappearance of those 5 bomber planes. Why have they never found wreckage or bodies? What happened to the ships or even the people? These are some questions no…

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  • Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

    randomly goes down over the Bermuda Triangle. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, Bermuda Triangle is a general area in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean where planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared over the years. It received it’s name from a magazine after an extremely popular disappearance known as Flight 19. Nobody knows for sure if the Bermuda Triangle is real because science cannot explain many disappearances including the USS Cyclops, Ellen Austin vessel, and Flight 19. The…

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  • The First Disappearance In The Bermuda Triangle

    For years, people have tried to understand: Why do such mysterious activities occur in the Bermuda Triangle? Ships have vanished without a trace and aircraft disappear with no sign of where they went. There have been countless cases where aircraft and boats have shown no signs or radioed that they were in distress. Boats have showed up without any crew members and there is no damage to the boat. There have been many possible reasons that have surfaced in recent years. From scientific reasons to…

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  • Bermuda Triangle Essay Conclusion

    the Atlantic Ocean, believed to be the playground for mysterious forces, envelops the numerous outrageous theories supporting the notorious area well known as the Bermuda Triangle. A major tool for any complex navigation tactic, location is key when crossing a large body of water or any area, and within the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle; it can be difficult as well due to the sometimes treacherous environment precincts (Bermuda Triangle or Devil’s Triangle). Unlike factual…

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  • Informative Speech On The Bermuda Triangle

    I. Introduction A. Have you guys heard of the different theories written about the Bermuda Triangle where pilots lost their time, direction, even their crew, and ways of communication. I wonder which theory you will believe after I finish my speech. B. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places in the world causing the disappearances of ships and planes without an accurate theory till today. C. Thesis Statement: The Devil 's Triangle is a mysterious phenomenon with various …

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  • Bermuda Triangle Research Paper

    The Bermuda or the “Devil´s” Triangle is in a remote part of the Earth, where many ships and aircrafts have vanished without leaving a single trace. More than 2000 vessels and 75 aircraft in the last 500 years have being reported missing. Modern scientist do not have an answer, just many theories trying to solve the disappearance. These range from extraterrestrial activity to reverse gravity field among others. Today, even with new and accurate technology the wrecks have not been located. The…

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