The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

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Known as one of the strangest places on earth, the Bermuda Triangle holds many mysteries that go unexplained. Nicknamed the ‘Devil 's Triangle”, the Bermuda Triangle got its name from being located in the center of three islands that form the shape of a triangle. There have been over thousands of ship and plane disappearances, like the disappearance of those 5 bomber planes. Why have they never found wreckage or bodies? What happened to the ships or even the people? These are some questions no one seems to know the answer for. When people can 't answer something they try to make a theory for a reasonable explanation. Some thoughts go from there being methane gas release to the city of Atlantis being buried deep beneath the waters of the Bermuda …show more content…
It is located in the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. These islands altogether form the shape of a triangle (‘Bermuda Triangle”, There have been over 2,000 ships and 75 planes that have disappeared in this area (“Unexplained Phenomena”). In 1515, Juan de Bermudez discovered 300 small islands that were located in the middle of the triangle. A 100 years later Europeans said the islands were haunted by demons. Even Queen Elizabeth avoided them intentionally (“The Bermuda Triangle”). The Bermuda Triangles modern legend started in 1950, when a article about disappearing ships and planes in the triangle written by Edward Van Winkle Jones came out. The triangle is one of two places on earth that a compass points towards true north and not magnetic north (Upton 2). It is also home to some of the deepest underwater trenches in the world (“Big …show more content…
Here are a few plausible theories. There is known to be methane gas trapped in sediment on the ocean floor. The gas is caused from dead decomposed sea organisms (Obringer 2). When the gas escapes and rises through the water, it causes the density of the water to reduce. If a ship is passing over this area when this happens it could cause the ship to sink in no time (Bhattacharya, “Bermuda Triangle Theories”). The gas release could also sink planes due to the methane gas in the air. Oil Rigs have even sunk due to this gas release (Obringer

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