Argumentative Essay On Ufos At Area 51

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A top secret Air force base, also known as Area 51, is located 100 miles north of Las Vegas. Some might say it gives off a strange or mysterious feeling.Many people claim to have seen UFO’s flying over the base. Area 51 is known for it’s really strange activity, and conspiracy theories, that the public is so interested in. There has been evidence shown of Aliens and UFO’s at Area 51, and it is a wide know idea. The Area 51 base has been shrouded in mystery, for many years. Aliens and alien technology are being kept at area 51. Because the base is top secret, they have photo evidence, and people claim they have seen UFO’s fly over it. There was a video posted on youtube ,of a UFO flying over Area 51. There is photo evidence of alien technology being tested at the base. Therefore, aliens and UFO’s are being kept inside Area 51. …show more content…
Many people do not believe that there is Aliens and UFO’s being kept there. The evidence is hard to prove. But the photos and videos that were taken have bad graphics, aren’t clear enough to give a good visual. The military, which runs the base, claimed there is no UFO’s or aliens being kept there. And the reason that the base is so private is, because they are testing military equipment there. Therefore, there is not enough proof that Aliens are being kept at Area 51. Alien technology is being developed and tested at Area 51. UFO’s have been spotted launching from the area 51 test site. Jan Harzan, a director of MUFON, talked about his UFO encounter at Area 51. MUFON has over 100,000 cases of UFO reports that need to be shared with the world. Area 51 is testing technology that the public is not aware of. It would be of great interest, for the Military to study, and test extraterrestrial technology. Area 51 is an extremely secretive military base. Therefore, they are most likely testing Alien technology and

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