Argumentative Essay: Is Apollo 11 A Hoax?

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“This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” ("Armstrong”) On July 20th, 1969, millions of people witnessed the first man on the moon. Many viewers were intrigued at the astronauts up in space. The spacemen recorded their trek with video and photography so they can share it with the United Stares. What the U.S didn’t know was that all of it was faked. Many Americans can debate for or against the first moon landing being a hoax. “Bill Kaysing has claimed that the chance of a successful landing on the moon was calculated to be 0.0017% (1 in 60,000).” (Braeunig) Bill Kaysing is a writer who wrote about all the Apollo landings being hoaxes and basically started the whole theory. From the facts that are out there, the shuttle …show more content…
On the moon, there is only one light source: the sun. On many of the videos and photographs that were taken show many shadows that do not correspond with each other. “If they were actually standing in the bright light of the sun, their two shadows should be at the same exact angle.” (Weidner) Weidner talks about a photo that was released that shows two astronauts, Armstrong and Aldrin, standing next to each other with complete different shadows. If there were only one light source the shadows should match. But the reason they are not consistent is because of studio lighting. “Conspiracy theorists suggest that this must mean multiple light sources are present -suggesting that the landing photos were taken on a film set.” (Fox) One man will be directly under the light and the other would be slightly to the side of the light. Thus creating the different shadows effect. This can be said about the other photos containing shadows that are scientifically wrong. Another trick NASA had up their sleeve was that they claimed the sun was not they only light source on the moon. A lot of people, Americans, will believe NASA due to their know-it-all background, but there are still skeptics who wonder what on Earth happened to the stars in the …show more content…
“JFK made his famous speech asking NASA to land a man on the moon before the decade was out.” (Weidner) It was filmed in order to be the country on top. We did not want to give the Soviet Union the satisfaction of being the first. NASA made sure America would be the best of the best. In order to make sure we landed on the moon first we filmed it. NASA basically did it to show the Soviet that they have to beware of the United States. The United States will do anything to keep our country shining.
The moon landing, Apollo 11, in 1969 was a hoax. Many facts like the waving flag, multiple light sources and lack of stars prove that it is all fake. Many people can debate this forever and maybe the mystery will never be solved. The facts do lead to what the most likely possibility is. The conclusion might shock millions of Americans

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