Bermuda Triangle Theory

Background Knowledge About the Bermuda Triangle

There are many mysterious phenomenons in our world that we simply cannot explain. The Bermuda Triangle is an area where the waves change quickly and unpredictably. It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. There have been many incidents of missing ships and planes considering it is a frequently traveled area, mostly used for shipping. Many have related these disappearances to paranormal activity and a higher unknown power. This has raised many eyebrows over the years since there has not yet been a logical explanation behind this mysterious part of the ocean.

The Theories Explaining the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

There have been many
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Many have associated the disappearances with UFO abductions, sea monsters, or even speculated that the Bermuda Triangle is a portal to another dimension. The first recorded sighting of a UFO dates back to September 13, 1492 when Christopher Columbus started noticing that his compass was not working correctly as he saw a fire like light in the sky coming down upon the ocean. This can be related to how UFO activity has been present since long ago in this area. As well as, the speculation sea monsters have been said to be lurking in the depths of the sea taking each victim travelling on boats. This legend has been created by fishermen who have reported an unusually large creature swimming beneath their boat. This legend could possibly explain the connection to the unknown ship that Ellen Austin came into contact with no passengers on board. In addition, the Bermuda Triangle has had rumors of it being a portal to another dimension which could explain how there are no traces of wreckage from missing ships or planes in the sea. Many of these ships are claimed to be state of the art, therefore all of these ships should not be disappearing into thin air. Scientists have been exploring what lies beneath the Bermuda Triangle and have been coming across what seems to be another city. They have found pyramids …show more content…
In particular, The Devil 's Sea which is located near Japan in the Pacific Ocean, forms a triangle facing the same direction as the Bermuda Triangle. Similar to the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil 's Sea has had it 's fair share of disappearances along with legends created by the Japanese to help explain the unknown events that occur in the Devil 's Sea. Many ships along with planes have disappeared in this particular region without any trace. It has been recorded by the Japanese that the Devil 's Sea holds demonic forces that can sometimes take control over the waters hence the name "Devil 's Sea". Do these particular regions in these oceans in fact have a deeper connection? Well, according to Ivan T. Sanderson, "The Devil 's Sea and the Bermuda Triangle are both apart of the 12 vile vortexes which, are areas of unexplained disappearances and other mysterious phenomena" (Vile Vortex). It has been said that they are both portals in our world that lead to another dimension. Due to their high electromagnetic fields, both of these regions have similar environments which has in the past caused similar disappearances. The connection between these two regions have not been confirmed but has been speculated to be as twins due to the

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