Argumentative Essay On Aliens

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Aliens, Some people believe that there are extraterrestrial beings within our universe, while others find then a complete hoax. The truth of the matter is that there have been reports of alien sightings since the 1900s. One couple claims of having horrible night terrors, relieving their horrible experiences after they have been kidnaped by extraterrestrials. Other reports state of comeing face to face with extraterrestrials inside a mothership, shortly after they have been abducted. One man claimed that he saw a beam of light that was so bright that he fainted, later waking up two hours later of not knowing what happened afterwards. Another case involves cattle and humans being found with all their blood drained and missing body parts on the corpse, but no …show more content…
In an interview, Barney stated that the aliens spoke to him telepathically. When it was Betties turn to share the incident, she stated that the aliens spoke to her in english. A major difference between the aliens on the same UFO. Another key clue appeared prior to Barney undergoing hypnosis, the committee of skeptical inquiry states “his face kept twitching spasmodically to one side. The picture of Barney that emerges is that of a man under enormous pressure”. You can tell when a man is lying by just looking at his face. Inspecting Barney 's face, he was no different than any other lier in the world. Lastly, United States Air Force did a further investigation on the actual UFO sighting. Project Blue Book (Series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects conducted by the United States Air Force) reported “insufficient evidence to determine what caused their sighting. It guesses that they probably saw Jupiter or it was caused by something similar”. Even Though there was something unexplainable on radar that night, Not enough evidence was provided to fully determine what it

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