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  • The Tragic Sinking Of The RMS Titanic

    RMS Titanic “The length of the Titanic was 882 feet and 9 inches (that’s about 269 meter). The ship was 92 feet and 6 inches (28 meter) wide and 175 feet (53 meter) high” (RMS Titanic FAQ). The tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic, is a well known event that took place in history. To this day, the loss of numerous souls, have wandered the thoughts and prayers of many people worldwide. Did you know the RMS Titanic took three full years to build? In the early 1900s, White Star Line company designed this masterpiece in Belfast, UK. With the help of three thousand workers, they made a ship purposefully to transport mail, cargo, and passengers, as safe as possible. The construction wasn’t the easiest, in fact, “Record show injuries to nearly 250 workers,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Rms Titanic And A Night To Remember

    There are countless versions of the story on the Olympic- Class Ocean Liner; The RMS Titanic. The “RMS Titanic” is an article written by Hanson W. Baldwin in 1934, and A Night To Remember is a movie produced in 1958 by William MacQuitty. Both plots discuss and portray the dramatic events that happened on April 15, 1912. The world’s largest “lifeboat” (MacQuitty. W.) set sail on April 10, 1912 on its maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York. However, the voyage was abruptly halted when it…

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  • The Lusitania's Attack On The Titanic

    The Lusitania was a mighty ship which was built to replace the infamous Titanic, it was just about same length and instead of leaving from Europe on its maiden voyage, it sailed from New York. This great vessel was able to hold up to 1,200 passengers and had an average speed of 25+ knots and was built by the Cunard Line out of Southampton, England. Although its sister ship the Titanic sunk years before, the Lusitania was set to sail across the Atlantic Ocean during the time there was a major…

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  • The Titanic Argumentative Essay

    tragedy of the Titanic, nobody predicted the fate of the ship to be so disastrous. Tragic stories are told about how the Titanic sunk, thousands died for something they could not control. Many argue about the causes, misconceptions or implications on why/how it happened but all proof points to mother nature. The Titanic has a rich history, overcoming many difficulties shaped the ship to what it became. Soon after March 31st 1909, work started on the Titanic (BBC 1). It took around 3 years to…

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  • The Titanic Research Paper

    Titanic The RMS Titanic, a British passenger liner, tragically sank on the morning of April 15, 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean. The ship sank to a depth of 12,415 feet (History of the Titanic). The Titanic collided with an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southhampton, UK to New York City, US. More than 1,500 passengers and crew died as a result of this collision. This was one of the deadliest maritime disasters in modern history. The RMS Titanic was the largest ship afloat when it entered…

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  • Diary Entry On The Titanic

    board the R.M.S Titanic in first class. April 10, boarding time will be 2 hours prior to departure. Departure time will be at 11:30am in Southampton. Our final destination will be New York. We hope to see you on the Great R.M.S Titanic! Sincerely, William Murdoch sailor of the R.M.S Titanic.” Packing my bags April 6, 1912, I was so thrilled that I got an invitation to go on the Titanic, after reading the letter I realized…

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  • Facts About Titanic

    I have chosen to write about Titanic. I would like to find out what actually happened and why. First am I going to find out what Titanic is, how many or what was aboard, what happened to it, what went wrong and why did it all happen. Then I will found out some more about the ship – where was it going, how old was it, why they built it and why it was such a popular ship? Titanic Titanic was a British passenger liner, which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning of 15 April 1912…

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  • How To Write A Titanic Essay

    I have boarded the RMS Titanic. To say I am content would be a lie; this ship is far too big for my comfort. Claims of it being ‘unsinkable’ are unsettling. Those who believe a ship is unsinkable must be too full of themselves to realize that no ship is truly impenetrable, but I had little say in becoming a passenger. My mother and brother insisted on having me accompany them to America, so I must travel on this massive ship. My brother took me along to explore the interior. There are many…

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  • Flaws Of The Titanic Essay

    As the turn of almost a century after the sinking of the Titanic mariologist and archaeologist go out to the sunken ship to find out reasons and the flaws of this giant beauty of the sea. As researchers looked into the ship it was said the stamina and size both has been boosted as it was the largest passenger steamship built until that time. “The ship can never sink,” (Gavin and Zarr) and that was another statement of the time that seemed as if it was true but looking into the material and…

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  • Why Is The Titanic Unsinkable

    ship, appearing to outrank all of the other vessels at sea, was about to make its first voyage across the Atlantic. Looking for a fresh start in New York City, three classes of passengers boarded the RMS Titanic on April 10, 1912 in Southampton, England. They were confident this was the safest ship at sea. The Titanic was advertised as unsinkable with its many features made for it to outshine its main competitors. What the passengers did not know was that they were about to witness one of the…

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