Road traffic safety

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Consequences Of Speeding

    every month. Speed limit laws are not placed just to protect yourself, they’re also enforced to protect other people in their vehicles and pedestrians. Since you need more time to stop while traveling at higher speeds, say you’re going 50 in a 30 mph residential zone. A kid rides his bike out into the road; is there enough time to stop? Probably not. Say you were going the posted speed limit and there probably would have been enough time to slam on the brakes. Reckless and pointless speeding takes lives every day, and I would hate to have to feel that pain everyday of knowing I hurt someone by pure carelessness. The impact on a person in a crash at 60 mph is equivalent to falling from a four story building, while the impact at 100 mph equals falling from a twelve-story building. While you’re speeding, you have significantly less time to check your surroundings. When a driver is speeding, other drivers have a hard time telling how fast they are going. Even if you claim to be the best driver, even while speeding, what if a car pulls out in front…

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  • Red Light Cameras Case Study

    crashes are funded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or researchers funded by them. (Rispo, 2009) While insurance rates do not increase based on red light tickets, they do increase when there is an accident, so insurance companies benefit from red light cameras as well. Rispo interviewed professor and chair of health policy and management of University of South Florida College of Public Health who said, "The rigorous studies clearly show red-light cameras don't…

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  • 3 Types Of Drivers Essay

    way more people who are unsafe than there are safe. It is a proven fact based off of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that men are more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than women. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports also show that California, Texas, and Florida are the states with the most reported accidents. The first type of driver everyone is very cautious around which is the dangerous driver who has abused drugs and or alcohol and is…

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  • Analysis Of The Silent Killer: Rethinking Safety On Boda Bodas

    The silent killer: rethinking safety on boda-bodas Many times when we use boda bodas-motorbike taxis, we ignore our safety responsibility as passengers. After witnessing a helmented boda boda rider racing on high speed skillfully between cars, changing lanes on a congested highway, with a passenger clinging on the back, all the on lookers were sympathetic and terrified of what was to befall the innocent passenger. It was clear the rider was about to cause an accident from his perceived…

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  • Speed And Crashes Essay

    Solomon (1964) describe the effect of speed vs crashes as a U shaped curve [9]. Solomon obtained the estimated speed of the vehicles suffered the crashes by tracing the police reports. The author compiled a “modus speed” which implies a safe speed for that particular stretch of road by driving with the traffic flow [45]. Solomon created a crash proportion per speed category, a comparison ratio using the crash vehicle speeds and the modus speed for each category. The estimated travel speed from…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Texting And Driving Essay

    Unless you are passing watch for exit signs get into thecorrect exit lane inplenty of time signal for at least three seconds before youchange lanes youmust not stop your vehicle. Two vehicles coming towards each other and turning right Two vehiclescomingtowards each other and turning right Two vehicles coming towards eachotherand turning right When two vehicles are coming towards each other andbothare turning right. To improve your safety on the road at…

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  • Shared Street Research Paper

    Imagine a street that no longer needs traffic lights or traffic signs. A public space that allows both automobiles and pedestrians alike to share the road. Children laugh and play in the street, pedestrians cross where they please, and cars and bikes safely drive through to their destination (Hockenos). Although this street will not work in all instances it can and has been implemented before. In the Netherlands, a shared public space like this one is called a woonerf (Biddulph). This type of…

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  • Importance Of Road Safety In Thailand

    study or travel. Certainly, a lot of people have to travel by road as the main route inevitably. Since people have to take the road on a regular basis, they deserve to be safe in using the road. In Thailand, there are about around 5 million people use vehicles on the road which is quite a lot ever. Moreover, in Thailand, every hour an accident on the road killed 1 million people in the country 70 million people which this loss ratio can indicate road safety. Because of Thailand, people have a…

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  • Roadways Of The Future Essay

    its technology with the technology of smart roads. Smart roads are roadways that have been implemented with technology similar to smart cars. Smart roads are a fairly new concept that is being developed and researched, but there are some smart roads that currently…

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  • Road Rage Essay

    Brianna Rysavy 5/23/2016 Aggressive Driving/Road Rage Paper Aggressive driving has been a problem on our roadways for a while, and it seems to only be getting worse. Incidents of screaming, rude gestures, and sometimes even violence are reported frequently on the road and have come up with the name: road rage. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines road rage as when a driver "commits moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property; an assault with a motor…

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