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  • How Does Transportation Affect Public Health?

    only posses the capacity to cause annihilating effects on human health but also to the climate, such as depletion of the ozone layer, which lead to global warming. In regard to public health, the pollutants from vehicles can cause respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. Additionally, the emissions increase the risk of suffering form grievous diseases such as cancer, not to mention the medical costs that accompany such ailments. More particularly, the emissions have been found to be causing over 30,000 untimely deaths in each given year. Generally, transportation is responsible for over 50 percent of air pollution, which puts the health of the public at stake (Mansfield et al., 2015). Irrefutably, transport policies ought to not only look at improving transport systems but also at the health repercussions that…

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  • Road Transport Malaysia Case Study

    bodies that responsible in this policy is The Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ). This policy is under the Road Traffic Act 1987 on Act 333 which is an act to provide for the regulation of motor vehicles and traffic on the streets and other matters with respect to streets and vehicles; to provide for the protection of third parties against risks arising from the use of motor vehicles;…

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  • Why People Drive America

    has cause a society that focuses on driving than any other. This book not only looks into the psychology of individual drivers, but it takes a more broad approach and looks at the countries and their driving habits. Overall the book was a good piece that helped to get into the psychology and threatened the way people see themselves while driving. It created an objective way for people to analyze themselves while they are behind the wheel, and for them to have more of an open mind while dealing…

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  • Crash Scene Essay

    gather the required information and complete the form for the driver. This helps to ensure that the information provided is VALID and accurate. However, Officers should follow their agency policies in this matter. Key Notes: Florida State Statue (FSS) 316.062 provides what information MUST be exchanged. FSS 316.062 states failure to provide the required information is a violation. LFSS 316.646 (1) (A) states failure to provide the required insurance is a NON-criminal infraction You must…

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  • Importance Of Annual Performance Test

    Just as well, I am fully aware that these actions must be followed through accordingly if we intend on making our streets a safer driving environment for everyone, even if it’s at the expense of a few. The purpose of developing these new set of laws is not intended to look down on or offend any social group, young or old, but to acknowledge the never-changing fact that as we age those things such as our vision, or quick decision making skills begin to deteriorate and are nowhere as crisp as they…

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  • Self-Driving Vehicles

    Even main roads frequently have only two lanes, with poor visibility and inadequate warning markers. On the few divided highways one can expect to meet local transportation traveling in the wrong direction, often without lights. Heavy traffic is the norm and includes (but is not limited to) overloaded trucks and buses, scooters, pedestrians, bullock and camel carts, horse or elephant riders en route to weddings, bicycles, and free-roaming livestock. Traffic in India moves on the left. It is…

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  • Reasonable Care Examples

    The advantages of this case is the driver did not abide by the traffic rules. Because the driver in the traffic accident, has avoided the crossroads and traffic lights and is on the road because of traffic accidents caused by the improper driving. So the driver because of their own feelings of the cause of the accident is not involved in violation of traffic rules. The shortcoming of this case is that the driver is completely caused by the traffic accident. Therefore, the driver should bear all…

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  • Innovation In The Transportation Industry: The Key Drivers Of Innovation

    innovation in railway and railcars. Initially, innovation in the transport industry was due to economies of scale. With the intention of sustaining themselves, towns and cities sought modes of transport that could obtain supplies from regions beyond those known to produce food supplies. On the other hand, farmers were looking for modes of transport that could increase picking up of supplies from farms and hence facilitate…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Route 66

    Route 66 was a two street that stretched for over 2,400 miles. With the incoming tourist and increase in automobile activity, there was always large congested traffic. Bumper to bumper traffic took the roads and accidents made travel become unethical. This is when Route 66 began to take a turn for its high popularity and love for the mother road, to changes of a more convenient road structures like a 4 lane street. In 1941 the Federal Defense Highway Act of 1941 authorized and funded a limited…

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  • Compare And Contrast Summer And Driving In The Winter

    winter when you have slippery roads or poor vision you should always do a little below the speed limit or where you feel comfortable driving at. Now on the other hand, driving in the summer is different because its normally hot and the pavement is dry and there is also not as much rain in the summer either. That means you won't have poor vision and you will have more traction on the road because the pavement is dry. Because its less wet and drier you won't have to worry about frost or…

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