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  • Toyota Airbag Controversy

    Toyota and Takata’s Airbag Controversy In recent events, Toyota has begun a recall of over thirty-four million cars of different makes and models. The recall initiated due to faulty airbags made by Japanese corporation known as Takata. The issue with these airbags lies within the inflator and the propellant devices, which cause them to improperly deploy and explode. The explosion shoots metal fragments into occupants and has already killed fourteen in the United States alone. Unfortunately, one of our group members has had the misfortune of owning a car with Takata’s dysfunctional airbag. In his experience, he contacted Toyota on the issue, in which their response was; “The parts to replace the inflator are not yet available.” When he asked…

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  • Dangerous Airbags Research Paper

    Dangerous Airbags “Upon rapid deceleration of the vehicle, an airbag can be propelled against the passenger at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour.”( When you get into an accident and the airbags go off, they mostly save lives, but sometimes they can cause injuries to the passengers in the car. Manufacturers can make the airbags dangerous for the occupants in the car. Accidents can cause rapid airbag inflation. Because of the rapid inflation of the airbag, it can cause many…

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  • Arguments Against Mandatory Seat Belt Laws

    however, passing a law to make the wearing of seat belts mandatory and punishable by law is a glaring infringement upon our civil liberties. In 1985 seat-belt laws began passing through State Legislature despite a long history of public resistance to such laws. The facts behind how this came to be are quite fascinating. Automakers were bitterly opposed to a law passed requiring them to install passive-restraints (airbags) in all new vehicles by 1990. Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Doyle…

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  • Takata Corporation Recall Case Study

    wheel, more specifically the airbag. An airbag is like a really cool balloon, instead of someone blowing it up, or inflating it with a helium tank; an explosion takes care of that. The idea is that the explosion fills the balloon with nitrogen and a wave of concussion, but only for the moment of a crash then the airbag generally deflates. For the most part, airbags are a great safety feature. A nose broken by a balloon beats hitting the steering wheel face first at 30 miles per hour. I, by the…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Seat Belt

    decreasing the force of secondary impacts with the internal strike hazards by making sure that the passengers are seated correctly for the highest effectiveness of the airbag (if equipped) and by preventing passengers being driven out from the vehicle in a crash or if the vehicle rolls over. By taking into account a situation whereby one is driving, both the speed of the driver and passengers is the same as the one that the car is travelling at. If it happens that the car suddenly stops or…

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  • How Do Seatbelts Minimise Injuries During A Collision

    Research question: How do seatbelts minimise injuries during head on collisions? Seat belts are designed make sure people stay in their seats during a crash this reduces and prevents injuries. They minimise the contact of the passengers and the vehicles interior and significantly reduces the risk of being ejected from your seat or worse the vehicle. On modern vehicles, seat belts are also designed to be the key part off injury prevention measures and safety system. These include airbags, head…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Secondary Law

    whom were saying how they had seen many of the same type of accidents where the driver was not wearing their seatbelt: they said I was lucky to walk away from my accident with only a few bruises. According to the South Dakota Safety Council, in 2008 alone 15,907 vehicle crashes were reported in South Dakota. Of those 15,907 crashes 121 people were killed: 60 of those people were not wearing their seatbelts. That is almost one out of every two people! Seatbelts not only save lives, but they…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nissan Irving

    Here at AutoNation Nissan Irving, we are pleased to unveil the new 2015 Nissan Murano in Irving. An exceptional crossover, the Murano provides you with all the utility you would expect in an SUV. You also benefit from a wealth of standard features on every trim level. If you’re seeking a vehicle that handles well and doesn’t make any compromises, then the Murano is worth your attention. 2015 Nissan Murano—Cutting-Edge Engine and Safety Features The Murano is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that is…

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  • Attention 4 Windshield Research Paper

    The windshield is your window to the road outside your car. Proper maintenance of this essential car component gets less attention than other auto parts such as the tires and brakes. A windshield in good condition not only allows you to see and react to the outside environment, it protects you from flying road debris and provides structural strength to your roof should you experience a rollover accident. As Knoxville auto accident lawyers, we want to bring to your attention four windshield…

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  • Have You Ever Been Close To Dying

    three tries, but in the end the window was no match for the maul. Me and my father were able to crawl out of the back window and onto the street where medical personnel were arriving. The EMT’s checked us out and suggested that we go to the hospital so we were transported to cmc-union, where my mother works. The EMT’s wheeled me into the ER on a stretcher as my mother comes running up to me crying asking me if I'm okay. I assured her that I was going to be fine and they took me to room 101.…

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