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  • Seat Belts Save Lives

    There are multiple ways that a seatbelt can help save the lives of those involved in a motor vehicle crash. Firstly and possibly most importantly, the seat belt keeps the passenger's and driver's inside the vehicle. This means that it prevents them from being ejected, and automatically multiplies their chance of survival by 4. Secondly, the seat belt protects two vital parts of your body: the brain, and the spinal cord. This is important because an injury to either the brain or the spinal cord can lead to death, or permanent paralysis. Thirdly, seatbelts spread out the force from a collision. This means that instead of pressure from a collision being focused onto one area (Which can break that part of the body, or even lead to death if it is a vital part), the pressure is spread out throughout the body. Fourthly, seatbelts are able to restrain the strongest parts of the body. This means that a seatbelt will hold down the strongest parts of your body (i.e. shoulders), which will limit your…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Seat Belt

    THE IMPORTANTCE OF THE SEAT BELTS 1. INTRODUCTION A seat-belt which is also known as a safety belt is a vehicle safety device that is intended to protect passengers in the vehicle against harmful movement that may occur during a collision or unexpected sudden stops. The main purpose of a seat belt is to decrease the chances of death or serious injuries in traffic collisions by decreasing the force of secondary impacts with the internal strike hazards by making sure that the passengers are seated…

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  • Seat Belt Research Paper

    Buckling Down on Safety: The Importance of Seat Belts Considering the high frequency at which car accidents occur, it’s a wonder that more people don’t deem seat belts to be the number one priority when riding or driving in a vehicle. It’s not uncommon to see drivers and passengers not wearing their seat belts, or even to see kids freely moving all around the backseat of a car. In fact, everyone is bound to know someone who doesn’t wear their seat belt. Drivers and passengers alike give many…

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  • Why Are Seat Belt Important

    Lillian Bonine Mrs. King ELA 8th hour 07 April 2017 Seat belt importance Can seat belts really save you life? People are losing their lives everyday and costing billions to themselves and their government because they are making the decision to not wear their seat belt. So, the seat belt law to continue to be enforced. According to some statistics people that don’t wear seatbelts are at higher risk of injury in car crashes and are more likely to lose their life. Kathyrn O'Leary Higgins…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Seatbelts

    representation of a man's family holding on to him because he fastening his safety belt before driving off is a simple, beautiful way of saying a lot without voicing a single word. Right there in the spot you see his wife and child; all the reason in the world to click the buckle into the latch. Since launch in January 2010, the advertisement quickly became a worldwide reach, rally over 11.8million views on YouTube within months. It was created to raise consciousness of the importance of wearing…

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  • Wear Seat Belt Analysis

    seatbelt. It shows you that wearing your seat belt could save you from an unexpected crash, and if you care about your family and yourself than you need to wear it. In this video there are three people, a father, mother, and a daughter. It starts out with slow music and the father reaching out his hand to pretend to start his car. Then pretending to rev his engine like he is about to drive somewhere. Then it shows that they are in their front living room, the mother and daughter are smiling…

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  • Seatbelt Safety

    occur due to our ignorance of incorporating seat belts in our public transportation system? Or is it the responsibility of the government to do that? Seat belts are the undisputed lifesavers when it comes to hitting the road. Automobiles and even gigantic airplanes are required to provide seat belts for protection. Somewhere in this industry, however, seat belts are undermined for their value. This happens in the public transportation system. Needless to say, people do enjoy the freedom of not…

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  • Chicago Seat Belt Essay

    the accidents may be life threatening for everyone involved in the crash. Wearing a seat belt is the best defense for security and safety during a vehicle crash. National wide seat belt usage helps save over 13,000 lives a year. Despite the statistics, people still chose not to wear a seat belt. Negligent driving accidents occur instantly, without warning; creating the need for a car accident lawyer Chicago who can help with filing a claim or preparing a lawsuit. Seat Belt Use In Chicago,…

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  • Safetybelts Research Paper

    General Motors Corporation 2000 All Rights Reserved i Table of Contents Seats and Restraint Systems Section 1 Seats and Seat Controls Safety Belts Air Bag Systems Restraint Systems for Children Features and Controls Section 2 Windows Keys and Door Locks Remote Keyless Entry (If Equipped)…

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  • Acceptable Driving Record Per Company Policy

    be corrected immediately to avoid drastic tire wear. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Neglecting to maintain a vehicle could result in the driver being charged for any resulting repairs. Unusual wear and tear above industry average or neglecting to maintain your company-provided vehicle may result in the loss of your vehicle and further disciplinary action. It is the driver’s responsibility to have the scheduled maintenance performed at the designated intervals to ensure maximum vehicle performance for…

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