Plausible deniability

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  • Takata Corporation Recall Case Study

    The tests were conducted off hours by only need-to-know individuals. The results were frightening. After only a few short years out in the elements, the inflators were compromised. As a consequence more covert actions were taken, mainly the design of remedies and/or replacements. However, due to liability, all of the R&D (research and development) and evidence against plausible deniability was scrapped and erased. A big factor in the whole ordeal was demand, Takata Corporation had grown… substantially; in 1995 they were making about 650 million a year by 1999 they were projected to make a Billion annually despite being involved in a lesser recall. This was before their big break through, aluminum nitrate, which allowed them to undercut other producers. During the time in question they were supplying a fifth of all cars made with airbags. The Japanese company was struggling to keep up with demand. Major automakers had started a policy of just-in-time production, to maximize profits by minimizing waste. This means that the deadlines are solid. If any one part is late the production line shuts down completely. Automakers…

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  • Machiavelli Influence On The Prince

    cooperative. In 1974, Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford, the new president, pardoned him for all crimes. These controversial issues made many US citizens question their trust in the government. After this scandal, it was discovered that the CIA was planning the assassination of Fidel Castro, the leader from Cuba. From this occurrence emerges the term “plausible deniability” which is the “power to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others because of lack of…

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  • Covert Operations In Vietnam

    Early Operations and Effects The coup and overthrow of Diem was the first major instance of U.S. covert involvement as the United States backed the coup but tried to maintain plausible deniability. This deception and desire for deniability would only grow as the U.S. began more covert operations in hopes of securing a safe future for Saigon. Early Operations in Vietnam The earliest covert operations in Vietnam had very broad goals and definitions. One simple definition describes covert action…

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  • Examples Of Kennedy's Conspiracy Theory

    assassination. When Jack Ruby murdered Lee Harvey Oswald on live television, it raised suspicions because of the ties Ruby had to the mafia. Many people believe the CIA was responsible for having President Kennedy killed. The CIA is the United States main intelligence agency and work directly for the President. Some Americans believe the CIA was responsible for the murder of JFK. Evan Thomas and Patrick Rogers are authors for Newsweek, and wrote an article called “Who Shot JFK?” and it says…

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  • Empathy Essay On Bullying

    I’ve had a lot of experience with bullies – most of my middle school experience was spent locked in an epic, emotionally-scarring battle of the ages against their kind. My case wasn’t nearly as extreme as Nadin’s, fortunately, but it took its toll in a different way. It was mostly non-physical harassment for me, with very light physical harassment whenever teachers weren’t looking (like tripping me up in the hallway, or prodding me with pencils/rulers whenever I sat within pointy-object range).…

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  • Kennedy And The Cold War Essay

    capability to catapult the free world into a war with the Soviet Union. The Bay of Pigs Invasion The first discussion and planning for the Bay of Pig 's invasion were formally initiated during the Eisenhower administration and put into motion. The operation that Eisenhower had put into motion was unstoppable even after Kennedy had taken office. The purpose of the military style invasion was to kill Fidel Castro, the President of Cuba. Prior to the incursion into Cuba, there were at least eight…

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  • Natural Resource Management Case Study

    divided on how much of the blame can be attributed to the World Bank, though. I agree with their statement, “The World Bank is not linked to these evictions and nor has the World Bank ever supported evictions […]” (The World Bank Group, 2014, para. 1). They were not given all of the information and because of this most likely did not know what the KFS had planned. On the other hand, though, I think they should have followed up sooner, as the evictions took place over six years of the seven…

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  • The Massacre At El Mozote Analysis

    whatsoever. One of the first cables, written from the Embassy with names including then Ambassador Deane Hinton, eventually passed through the Secretary of State and then Congress reaffirms any suspicions of a coverup. It begins with this : "Although it is not possible to prove or disprove excesses of violence against the civilian population of El Mozote by government troops, it is certain that guerilla forces who established defensive positions there did nothing to remove them from the path of…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Katherine Boo's Behind The Beautiful Forever

    known to have a bit of a corrupt system. In India’s case, however, the system is also seen as both inefficient and ineffective. Although there has been increased spending on infrastructure, education and health it was no surprise that Fatima did not survive her stay in the local hospital. In a hospital that reused material, food was often not provided as well as drugs and medicine that were sold on the street, and old bandages were unchanged it is understandable that she die of an infection,…

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  • Enuma Elish Analysis

    action through popular vote. When the shortcoming falls on the shoulders of many at the same time, it is easy to convince oneself that it is not entirely their fault. Fear, once again a common motivator. No-one would dare be the sole reason for the deaths of their friends and families, so why else would a democratic assembly be founded, except to distribute blame in case the councils made a bad decision. It is not until Marduk stepped forward, and offered a chance at survival did the councils…

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