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  • Playscape Study

    Playscapes: A promising way to connect young children to nature With the world turning more electronic every day, many parents and environmental educators fear that children do not spend enough time exploring natural spaces. This “nature deficit” can cause children to miss out on important developmental opportunities and feel less connected to nature as a whole. Playscapes, or enclosed play spaces that incorporate natural elements, seek to fill this void. However, very little research has gone into exactly how effective these playscapes are in fostering exploration of natural systems and thereby establishing the foundations of environmentally responsible behavior. This study compares preschoolers’ interactions with playscapes with their activities…

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  • Outside Learning Environment In UWA Campus Schools

    The state of Alabama sets forth a list of detailed guidelines strictly for the Alabama First Class Pre-K programs to follow in relation to their learning environment. These guidelines were constructed for the inside and outside learning environment. The UWA campus school is considered to be an Alabama First Class Pre-K program, therefore; it must abide by these rules. This paper serves to discuss the inside and outside learning environment of the UWA Campus School and Mrs. Angie’s class.…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Daycare

    We all waited for the bell to sound from each classroom precisely at 2:40pm. There was a wave of anticipation in the air. Everyone sat impatiently waiting for the afternoon announcements to be over. Once the dismissal bell would release us, there were kids escaping in each direction. Some kids would get on the bus, some would get in the car rider line, and others would walk or even bike home. Three tall gentlemen equipped with pitch black vests would stand near each exit to make sure every…

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  • Isamu Noguchi's Playscape Analysis

    together however, Noguchi’s Playscapes managed to accomplish contemporary art in a regular park space. His playscapes were influenced by his own adventurous childhood including the experiences he had with landscape. Noguchi's wish in developing his playscapes was to possibly lead the public to appreciate the art of sculpting. His vision and designs reveal art and humanity through play. Isamu Noguchi's philosophy is simple: rather than dictating play activities, the structures he developed will…

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  • Personal Narrative-Racism In Elementary School

    “Don’t worry Erik, we’ll always have each other,” I would tell my brother as we ate lunch by ourselves under the playscape of the elementary school playground. Growing up as the only two Hispanic children in the small town of Arco, Idaho, I found out very quickly that other children could be the cruelest and most judgmental individuals when it came to the subject of race. Comments like “Why are you here?” and “No one here likes you!” seemed to summarize my entire existence. Life for my brother…

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  • Nature Play Disadvantages

    terrain and open spaces which foster activity, resulting in normality in body mass index for children who have regular contact with these areas and a higher mid-morning cortisol level. On average the duration of children’s sleep was longer when they had connection with natural outdoor spaces and parents rated their overall wellbeing as better. The research used a variety of different test subjects and methods for data collection to conclude that and “the quality of outdoor environments at day…

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  • Essay Comparing Girl At War And Philip Roth's Plot Against America

    death, they sometimes allot each player “three lives” (50) (labeled here as lives instead deaths) where after each animated death they rise, play and die again. They use this game to childishly consider death and the consequences of war and to further consider the opposition of sides. Novic has only recently began to understand that “the differences between (them) might be important after all” (9). As a new structure in the streets, which to them have always been innocent, the children cannot…

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  • Piaget In The Toddler Classroom Research

    will have a label. This way the students will get a head start recognizing words and the objects associated with them. Basic sign language will be used in the classroom as well. This will help the younger or non-verbal children communicate their needs to the teachers and other students. Not only will this encourage communication, it will also decrease behaviors due to frustrations that stem from children being unable to express themselves. When you enter my classroom the first thing you…

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