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  • Plautine And Terentian Comedy Summary

    first examining Terence’s use of slavery, then Plautus’ use of slavery, and finally the similarities between the two playwrights slave conventions. The findings show that while most classicists regarded the two playwrights as taking different…

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  • Comedy Of Errors Play Analysis

    death, and is Shakespeare’s shortest play and one of his eighteen comedies. The main characters of the play are identical twin brothers, both named Antipholus, who have been separated when they were children. Each brother is accompanied by his servant, and these servants also happen to be identical twins who share the name Dromio. One Antipholus and Dromio grow up in Ephesus, while the other pair grows up in Syracuse. The action begins when Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse travel to Ephesus…

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  • Plautus 'Play Truculentus'

    1 Introduction The play Truculentus by Plautus is the oldest known source in which the word “obligare” is used, the root ‘lig’ indicates the binding of something or someone. The subject of law of obligations was introduced in Justinians Institutes by the following definition: “obligatio est iuris vinculum, quo necessitate adstringimur alicuius solvendae rei secundum nostrae civitatis iura”. This translates to the legal bond whereby an individual is constrained to perform an action according…

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  • Plautus Pseudolos: Movie Analysis

    Comparing the movie A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and the reading of Plautus’ Pseudolos were both inspired by the farces of ancient Rome. The plot displays a lot of slamming doors, and mistaken identities involving the characters. I will be using the characters names from the movie rather than from the reading, because both have different names. The movie was a play written by Platutus. Both the movie and from the reading were telling a story about a slave man named Pseudolous…

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  • Plautus Portrayal Of Women In Roman Tragedies

    Rarely are women protagonists or heros in the plays. In The Haunted House, Plautus describes Scapha as “...a dazzling young girl of joy, recently freed by Philolaches, the second a wise and wizened ex-whore, now serving as Plilematium’s personal maid” (Plautus, The Haunted House 162-65, p. 138). There are no high ranking women seen in comedies. Perhaps the reasoning behind it is that high ranking people are seen as linked to politics and more important issues in Roman society which were mostly…

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  • Haunted House Plauta Analysis

    differently from some societies of past eras. By examining how men see women, and women see themselves in “Haunted house” by Plautus, we can see that women was only considered as the secondary gender in ancient Rome societies. Women characters in the haunted house include Philematium (a girl of joy), Scapha (her maid, an old hag), and Delphium (a girl of joy to Callidamates). In the conversation between Philematium, Scapha, and Philolaches, we can see that women always consider…

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  • The Significance Of History In Arcadia By Tom Stoppard

    In the present, it still has the same significance to Hannah and Valentine, who have named the tortoise Lightning. The audience sees Septimus hold Plautus back as it moves off the papers it is holding and pet the shell, suggesting that Plautus is alive. Valentine also feeds Lightning and holds him, petting him as if he is still alive in the future. The characters Valentine and Septimus are written to be historical parallels of each other, as displayed through their knowledge of the theories…

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  • Themes In Greek Play 'Heracles'

    very meticulous with his plan, making sure that he has Mercury distract the slaves, perfectly times his exits and returns and steals the bowl for Alcmena to prove his authenticity. He realizes that his actions have consequences and that he must not cause too much chaos in the mortal world. Instead of fleeing as in his original plan he tells himself, “I have to rescue poor Alcmena, from all those charges that her husband makes; what justice would there be for her to suffer grief from this little…

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  • The Diver Roman Culture Analysis

    Archaic time period is pederasty’s emergence. There are different opinions on what caused it’s sudden emergence in the Archaic age, such as it originated in Sparta, it was an initiation ritual, and it was originated from gym culture, but we don’t really know for certain what it did stem from. Skinner made a great comparison that if 500 years in the future, researchers had access to a fragment of our information like some 1950’s movies and a few sex in the city episodes from the early 2000’s, …

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  • Comedy Of Errors In Shakespeare's Plays

    As with many of his plays, Shakespeare drew on classical sources for the plot of the Comedy of Errors. The bare bones of the story are drawn from the Roman comedy Menaechmi, written by the ancient dramatist Plautus. Shakespeare might have read the play either in the original Latin or in an English translation that was published in 1594 but may have circulated in manuscript from before that year…

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